Serif Draw Plus X8

Software for the new future of sportwear products


Wouldn't you want a software that could upgrade the product you are putting out into the world? A software that could give so many creative vibes to your graphic designers? Look no further, Serif Draw Plus X8 is the new answer to not only update, but improve our creative ability as graphic designers.


There are millions of graphic design software out there, but for our companies needs this is the A.ROD of software. Creativity is important in this business, instead of opting for hundreds of photo editing tools we chose it for the abundance of vector illustration tools. Our graphic designers can create so much more and it will specifically reflect their creativeness. In this software we can create our own brush and make illustrations unlike any other, adjust the color, weight and tip. You can also change the gradients in your images and text. Have you ever had that problem where you think you have the perfect color for an image and then you print it out and its all wrong? No more of wasting time trying to fix it, Serif Draw Plus X8 offers pantone swatches. The colors will print the exact same as they appear on the screen. With over 670 font choices our design team can customize however they choose even adding 3D effects to the images or text designs! Creating custom fonts has never been easier with making sure you have the cleanest edges on your product. With over 40 photo filters we can change our images subtly or drastically, crop the images we need too, cancel out noise in the background and add intricate details.

Also perfect for our office desk tops, It is windows compatible.

Where to get it?

There are many places to get this software, but I chose for $119.99. This is the actual website and you know you will be getting the real version and what you pay for.