Top 10 things about 7th grade

By:Sawyer Cranford

Best 10 things 1-10

1.The FT. Jesup history field trip was a good time in 7th grade.

2.Another fun day was the good times of Survivor day.

3.Laughing at kids When Mr. Welch would send kids out that were back talking him.

4.Football was a very fun after-school acitvity .

5.Computer class was an awesome learning time.

6.I also had a good time on the ipads in Mr. Oswalt's class.

7.P.E. was the best part of the day for me.

8.Lunch was a get-away from class.

9.Leap days after the testing were fun.

10.and last but not leastthe fun times at the assemblys that would get us out of class