HS STAFF NEWS | November 15, 2019

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Our Collective Commitment Corner

Isn’t it interesting how certain patterns seem to emerge from time to time in our practice? Last week with Lesson Study, that pattern was with scaffolding. This week a clear and consistent message, too, is emerging, and what might be of particular interest is that it is yet another form of scaffolding. Sentence stems or sentence starters and sentence frames are an amazing access point to our language for any student.

Both in Lesson Study and in DESE sessions for math and ELA, this instructional practice is gaining momentum. Building classroom discussion language at a purposeful and productive level really must be explicitly taught. If we think about it, without explicit instruction for the language of our content, students will otherwise default to social context. For example, when leading our students to argumentative discourse, whether written or verbal, these words could be provided and practiced:

That’s a valid point; yet when we consider additional evidence, we see that _________________.

I have a number of resources for building this academic language including sentence stems such as these. I also have a wealth of resources for these scaffolds according to content area. If you’re interested in bringing this common practice to your students and would like some support, please just say the word!

Finally, I’d like to share a recent publication from Corwin Press. Guess what the topic is?! Academic discourse with sentence frames! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Pirate Family!

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Pirate Presence

We need to continue to have conversations with our students about being here at school everyday. Plus, we want to continue to build positive relationships with your students.

Today, I had a wonderful conversation with a student. They shared 3 adults that they have a trusted relationship with and can see that those adults truly care about them. This is incredibly important to students. This student very much appreciated these adults and liked that they have these positive relationships with these adults.

Currently, we are sitting at 85% of our students being here 90% of the time. Please sign up to serve as an accountability partner; check-in with students; and build those positive relationships. Please let me know if you notice increases in attendance, but also if there is important information we need to know about the student.

Thank you for all you do for our students! Thank you for your dedication to helping our students be successful!




We have two more days to accept donations for DAY OF HOPE!

Any student or staff member who donates a game, sports ball, toy, or puzzle will receive a coupon for a free taco from Taco Bell. If students bring their item to their PLT teacher, add their name to a Google doc I will be sending today and we will get them the coupon. (same goes for Teachers!)


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Boxes will be located in Freshman PLT rooms and the Mentors and Freshmen are challenged to collect food items. The winning 3 PLT's will have a Dairy Queen outing (ice cream treat) in December during PLT!!! (this includes the Teachers and Pirate Mentors!)

** 9th-grade PLT teachers will be given the list of food items that are needed.

Please encourage our students to donate to the Day of Hope from Monday, November 18- 26!!

Thanksgiving Break - Shut it Down!

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Safe Schools

If a child reports BULLYING to you, as outlined in the safe school training, please use the following link to report the issue:

USE THE REPORT VIA WEB button to fill out the information to be investigated.

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  • FOOTBALL AT SEMI-FINALS, St. Louis, 1:30 pm



  • GAME OF LIFE (Seniors)



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Staff Birthdays

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Thank you to our Pirates ROCK Star business partners!

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