Teaching with Technology

Interactive Student Activities

About Me

  • 9 years of teaching in a 6-12 Social Studies Classroom
  • Lester Prairie, KMS, Lake City and Faribault
  • MA in Educational Technology from Concordia University- St. Paul
  • Part Time Technology Integrationist and Full Time Social Studies Teacher
  • Teaching Assignments: 6th Grade Minnesota History, 8th Grade Global Studies, 10th Grade Economics/Geography/Careers, 11/12th Grade World History, 11/12th Grade American Government

Activities Using Technology

All Courses

Class Favorite: KaHoot!
Review Games: Quia

Current Events
  • NewsBrain: Jeopardy-style weekly current events game for SmartBoard
  • CNN Student News
  • New York TImes Upfront Magazine and Junior Scholastic Magazine

Course-Specific Activities

Minnesota History (6)

  • Play the Past Interactive Backpack Graphic Novels using Google Slides- Graphic Novel Example
  • Final Project: Summer Road Trip of Minnesota using Google Slides and Google Maps
  • 1960's and 70's Movements in MN Presentations in small groups using S'More
  • Build a Website on early industry in Minnesota using Weebly Example 1 and Example 2
  • Fur Trade in Minnesota using True North: Mapping Minnesota History

Global Studies (8) and Geography (10)

  • Map Review (ilike2learn.com, although I'm searching for apps that do this)
  • Children's Book about a Country using StoryJumper (kids can insert own faces into story)
  • Current Events Exchange and Presentations using S'More Flyers- Example

Government (11-12)

World History (11-12)

Hands-On Activities and Simulations

Technology may be used for research, but is not the primary medium for the activity.

  • Build a 3D Physical Map of a Continent
  • Build a Board Game (and then rotate through each group to play them all)
  • Role Play of How a Bill Becomes a Law
  • Role Play of Supreme Court Case
  • Role Play of United Nations Security Council Meeting on Arab/Israeli Conflict
  • Create a Political Party Project (including platform, party speech, slogan, buttons, posters, etc.)
  • Shark Tank Business Project: Create a Product or Service, form a Business Plan and present it to panel of local business leaders, or "Sharks"
  • Rendezvous Trade Day
  • History Live: We've Participated in the CCC and Harriet Bishop ones and the kids LOVE It!
  • History Lessons from the History Center: We did the Immigration one and it was amazing!