New Teacher PD Series

Special Education Department

Section 1526 of PA 335, mandated New Teacher Induction Program

For the first 3 years of his or her employment in classroom teaching, a teacher shall be assigned by the school in which he or she teaches to 1 or more master teachers, or college professors or retired master teachers, who shall act as a mentor or mentors to the teacher. During the 3-year period, the teacher shall also receive intensive professional development induction into teaching, based on a professional development plan that is consistent with the requirements of section 3a of article II of Act No. 4 of the Public Acts of the Extra Session of 1937, being section 38.83a of the Michigan Compiled Laws, including classroom management and instructional delivery. During the 3-year period, the intensive professional development induction into teaching shall consist of at least 15 days of professional development, the experiencing of effective practices in university-linked professional development schools, and regional seminars conducted by master teachers and other mentors.


March 22, 2016 (3:30 - 5:00) - GISD Davis Room 102A

  • Mi-Access Training
  • Documenting Your PD/Maintaining Your Credentials and YOU!!

May 17, 2016 (3:30 - 5:00) - GISD Davis Room 102A

  • Celebration and Round Table (bring your questions)

Calling All Teachers

GISD is committed to continuous improvement and welcomes all staff to participate in the New Teacher PD Series. We are called to our mission of leadership, service and innovation and invite all to facilitate growth within our profession.