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November 8, 2019

Transition to 9th grade

8th graders: It's never to early to start thinking about the transition to Fulton High School. What classes will you take? What grades do I need to hold as an 8th grader to take a honors class? Please see the documents below. Click Here.

FMS Counseling Department: Mrs. Burfield, Mrs. Horstmeier and Ms. Jo

Needing to see the school counselor?

Students needing to access the counselor's office can submit a form from their chrome books by clicking on the apps button. This form comes only to the counselor's. 6th graders will learn how to use this app on Tuesday, August 27th when counselors meet with them through their ELA classrooms. You can also ask your teacher for help. If you can't locate the form you can also shoot your school counselor an email. Obviously if there is an emergency, students will be sent to the Counselors Office immediately. This is just a great way to help students stay in the classroom for instruction time .

Here are a few ways you can reach out to us in the FMS Counseling Office:

Mrs. Horstmeier works with students with a last name starting with an A-J and can be reached at and Mrs. Burfield works with students with a last name starting with a K-Z and can be reached at

Ms. Jo is the Counseling Office secretary and can be reached at

Counseling Office phone number is 573-590-8208

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Career Counseling Lessons

The counselors will be heading into 6th, 7th and 8th grade classes during the month of November. Exploration on career paths and more will be covered. Please reach out to Mrs. Burfield for further information.
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Mr. Yates

Feel free to contact me any time!


Follow me on Twitter: @MrYatesFMS

The goal of computer class is to equip students with meaningful skills that will help them thrive in a digital age. These skills include:

- Coding

- Google proficiency

- Digital citizenship

- Media production

Computer class is very project based using online and offline technology tools, as well as engaging topics like 3D printing, Augmented and Virtual reality, and many other avenues for creativity.

Digital footprint

Continue to be an upstander and make good choices online. Keep up your positive digital footprint! For more resources visit

1st Quarter proficiency scales for computers

2nd Quarter proficiency scales for computers

3rd Quarter proficiency scales for computers

Coach Windmiller, Coach Youse, Coach Pretz

Journey to Success!

6th-8th Grade Skills Proficiency Scales

Policies and Procedures

Next Week- Indoor Units

Coach Windmiller- Long Base

Coach Youse/Coach Morris- Windmill

6th Grade Health- Food Safety

7th Grade Health- Body Systems Test then Drugs and Alcohol

8th Grade Health- STIs

Health Classes Begin for ALL Pretz's classes on Friday, October 18-Friday, December 13.

6th Grade Health will be in Room 123 with Coach Windmiller

7th Grade Health will be in Room 120 with Coach Pretz

8th Grade Health will be in Room 110 with Coach Youse

During this time, Coach Pretz's classes do not need to bring PE clothes. They need to report to those rooms above each day with a chromebook, planner, and writing utensil.

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Dr. Moebes

AFTER SCHOOL CHOIR IS ROCKING IT! We had a small, but enthusiastic group at rehearsal this week! Can't wait for next Tuesday!

CHECK OUT OUR NEW COOKING SHOW FROM ACADEMIC LAB! "It's Gonna Get Messy!" is the new cooking program that is student organized in my 4th hour class! Students are bringing in recipes that are meaningful to their families, and teaching us how to make them! Episode 1 is below!

Music 6: We heave learned the Cups song, and are reviewing notes and rests. We are practicing notes and rests by using Quizlet, doing in class collaboration, and completing practice sheets!

Arts Alive: It is almost show time! See the flyer below for concert information!

There is no fee to participate in this class. We will be buying t-shirts for the show choir this year. Students DO NOT have to purchase one, but MAY buy their shirt for $8. If the student brings $8, they will get to keep their shirt. If not, I will wash the shirts, and store them for next year!

Choir: Choir class is getting new voice assignments to go along with our new repertoire! I continue to be impressed by their dedication, and enthusiasm!

CONCERT ATTIRE: khaki pants, black shoes, and a black choir polo shirt. If you do not have one, you may purchase one from me for $15. These polos are the same as those worn by FMS choirs for the past several years. Students may certainly borrow or buy one from a student who was in FMS choirs and no longer needs the polo.

Please feel free to contact me at any time: For pictures and daily updates about Vocal Music at FMS, follow me on Twitter: @MoebesMusic

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Cheesecake tutorial

Mr. Thomas and Ms. Neudecker

Our next concert is Tuesday, December 3, at 6:00 pm at FMS.

The Cherrydale Fundraiser will be in on Friday, November 8. We'll have items ready to be picked up in the lower portion of the cafeteria when school gets out. For those with a lot of items or who would like to get their items later that afternoon/evening, we'll be there until 7:00 pm.

6th Grade Band: For those who haven't gotten a band book yet, we play out of Essential Elements for Band, Book 1. Please feel free to contact a director if you have any questions about what book to get.

6th Grade continues to become more comfortable with their first notes and how to make a sound.

7th Grade Band: The band is beginning preparations for their concert on October 29th. They have all of their music and we are beginning the refinement stage.

8th Grade Band: We're working on scales and our music for our next concert. The kids are doing a great job sight-reading! Be prepared for some playing assessments in the near future. These may be will be recorded and shared electronically, or played live in class.


Guitar Classes: Students are improving their technique and will be moving towards performing full songs soon.

Please consider following me on Twitter @MrT_FPSBands. I will be providing a daily playlist which your students will hear when they enter the room. You may also email me at

Mr. Chapman

News from the Art Room

6th Grade

This week we are beginning our line study and next ELO. Students will be diving into combining what we have learned about shading and line by creating an optical line design and making the connections between visual art and other subjects.

7th Grade Semester

Students will continue with Media techniques and processes with our “old Barn” drawings. Students will start to concentrate on value and implied line and start to push their special relationships with creating perspective.

7th Grade All Year

Students are creating Pop Art as part of continuing study of analyzing and evaluating art in ELO3.

Students will look at various works of art particularly in the POP Art genre, and use candy as a way to create their own independent study of this art style.

8th Grade Semester

ELO4:Students will explain the connections between art and the world around them.

Students are continuing their work on their “Coat of Arms, and have been given a choice of medium. Students can paint or create a mixed media concept.

8th Grade All Year

ELO4:Students will explain the connections between art and the world around them.

Students are continuing work in making artistic connection, and will be working on Dragons as a concept to build special relationships in drawing. Students will also utilize concepts used in previous units with value, line creation and similarities in texture and overall composition.

As always, if you have any questions, or concerns please don’t hesitate in contacting me through email at

Mr Chapman

Fulton Middle School Art Teacher

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The FMS Thrive Hive

The Fulton Middle School Thrive Hive opened for business on Monday, August 21st. The store is open 7:25 to 7:45 each morning. If students aren't able to shop then they can email Mrs. Horstmeier @ or Mrs. Yates @ for an appointment to shop.

The Thrive Hive is designed to allow students to use their Hornet Bucks--earned through the Positive Behavior Support Program--to purchase items from the store. The Thrive Hive was created to help the needs of the FMS Student Community.

Items currently needed for the store are:

Any age appropriate toys, DVD's for the holidays.

As we gear up for winter: Hats, gloves, scarves, and coats.

Snack items: Nutella snack packs, Slim jims and pop tarts.

Other needs are ear buds and water bottles.

We will be gearing up for the holiday season so baskets to make gift packages for students to purchase would be great.

All other items are appreciated as well.

If you would like to donate, please call Fulton Middle School at 573-590-8200.…/thrive-hive-gets-middle-…/646415/

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Mrs. Lairmore

Coming soon: How many books are in the FMS Library contest. When you visit the Library with your ELA class you will be able to take your guess. I'll pick the winner on Tuesday, November 26th!

You will visit the Library every other week with your ELA class. Please be sure to bring your Library books with you for every visit. If you need a book before your next visit, you can always go to the link here: and search for your book.

You can email me with the book you want and I'll deliver it like a hot pizza!

If you would like to read books online, check out Hoopla for your phone, tablet, and computer. You can check out books, music, and movies for FREE just by having a Library Card with Daniel Boone Regional Library.

I included a video below to show you how to get signed up for Hoopla! It's my favorite digital Library app!

Still wanting to play Semantris?

Keep up with what's happening in the Library on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. You might even see yourself on there!

See you in the Library!

If you want to see some things happening in the Library:

Follow us on Instagram: fms_library or FMS LIBRARY

My You Tube Channel is:

Follow the Library fun on Twitter:

You can contact me by email at:


Please keep in mind that some students at FMS have an allergy to nuts, tree nuts and popcorn. Please be mindful of what food your child is bringing to school, and notice the signs throughout the school building. Thank you!
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Please check out the Digital Citizenship information at This site will help you keep up-to-date with current issues and trends in technology. Check out the "Parent" section! We are very proud at FMS to be recognized as a Digital Citizenship Certified School for the year 2016-17.