Demons in the Church

By John Wiggs

Demons have taken over the house of God. The pope is selling us fake indulgences. Thats right he is given you a fake ticket to heaven. He is miss using his power and i am sick of it. He has to much money that he is not using to cleanse us of our sins. He is leaving us to burn. I left the church because i believe to be saved you must have faith. Not being in these pointless & money-wasting rituals. I have put 95 theses on churches doors go look at them and see what the church is behind your back. These documents are wrote attacking the church on several accounts, 95 to be exact. Some examples are the indulgences, to much power and wealth. The printing press is to thank for you seeing this document.
The worst was the sale of the indulgences. I say this because the pope was mis-lending people and sending them to hell. This also ties into the church having to much power and wealth. They are all bad but i believe this to be the worst. I think to be saved you must have faith. Doing these things does not make sense to me. If you are reading this then you feel the same way. Join me and you won't have to worry about the churches lies anymore.