Book Report by Alexia Zubizarreta

"Uglies" by Scott Westerfeld (406 Pages)

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Setting and Context

People are living in a world where when you're born ugly and then once you turn sixteen people go through an operation and you basically get plastic in your skin, bones shifted, eyes changed color, hair completely different, their personality and mind completely changed, and the body is “perfected”. After the operation people then move into new pretty town and get to party and do fun things all day long with no worries. For years now, people have ditched turning pretty and secretly run/go to the smoke, a place where uglies can stay ugly and have real jobs.
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Main Characters

Main Character (Antagonist)- Tally

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Tally is a simple ugly girl who has a best friend named Peris, who already turned pretty. One night Tally decides to sneak in the new pretty town and say hi to Peris. Once she gets there things go downhill, then while she is hiding in the bushes from the government people and runs into Shay, another adventurous ugly. They then become friends and one day Shay runs away to the smoke and asks Tally if she wants to come with her. Tally thinks about it, does she want to go with Shay to the smoke, or go and see Peris after the operation? She then decides that she wants to turn pretty and says bye to Shay. Tally is about to turn pretty when things go downhill again.She has to go to the smoke and press the button on her necklace and turn pretty or never turn pretty and don't go to the smoke. I chose this picture because Tally has a major dilemma about two different choices and both of them have very different endings. An example of one of Tally’s major dilemmas is that she has to choose whether she wants to stay in the smoke for the rest of her life and forget about being pretty, or press the button on the back of her necklace and turn in the smoke becoming pretty.

Quote: "Best friends for life" I chose this quote because when Tally is about to go into new pretty town where everything starts she touches her scar that her and Peris got together and says "Best friends for life."

Main Character (Protagonist)-Dr. Cable

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First and foremost, Dr. Cable is evil and crazy and totally deserves what happens to her at the end of the book. Dr. Cable gives Tally two options, go and find the smoke and press the button on her necklace, or don't go to the smoke and live ugly for the rest of her life. Dr. Cable works for special circumstances in uglyville. Tally describes her as an "cruel pretty." Towards the end she is knocked out and taken hostage by Tally and David with the rest of the smokies.

  1. Quote: “You can die ugly, for all I care” I chose this because it shows how hateful and cruel Dr. cable is and how she only cares about her job and herself, not caring who's lives she ruins in the process.

Minor yet important characters

Main Conflict

Minor Conflict

Man vs Nature

Tally cannot decipher the message that Shay left her to lead her to the smoke. This picture describes the situation perfectly because all Tally had to do was read in-between the lines.

Themes the Author Explores in this Novel

Things I Liked and Disliked Blend Together



But, my favorite part of the book was...

My favorite part is when Tally is down in the caves just escaping from the hover cars and she finds David. This is one of my favorite parts because I ship David and Tally! This gives them time to talk and spend time together! I also love it because I absolutely love how the author surprised me, I thought it was going to be some complete stranger from the smoke Tally had never met or does't like, but it was David!!!