How to prepare for your NCVPS Spanish 1 Final Exam

Final Exam Study Tips

How important is the Final Exam?

The Final Exam is a great way to showcase what you have learned in Spanish 1 and how proficient you are in the 4 domains of language acquisition: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. In terms of your grade, below you can see the breakdown of how your final course grade will be calculated. Please note how heavily weighted the Final Exam is.

1st quarter - 37.5%
2nd quarter - 37.5%
Final Exam - 25%

What is the format of the Final Exam?

  • Culture: 5 essay questions to be completed in English about culture topics covered in Unit 6 - Unit 10
  • Reading/Writing: You will read a passage in Spanish. You will then respond in Spanish to several questions. Finally, you will post a reflection in English that demonstrates adequate reading comprehension.
  • Speaking: You will read a passage and be graded on pronunciation only.
  • Listening: You will listen to various audio files and respond.

How can I study for the Final Exam?

Click this gray button to go to this site to practice grammar and verb conjugation.

What materials within the course have been made accesible for Final Exam Review?

Within the course, you have several materials at your disposal for Final Exam Review.
  • Inside the Final Exam Review folder, the first folder says Final Exam Review. In this folder, there are numerous practice suggestions and links to help you practice all four language domains: reading, writing, speaking, and listening
  • Inside the Final Exam Review folder are two archives to past Culture Cafe sessions that will greatly help you review for the Culture portion of the Final Exam. Check them out and be sure to watch them. You can also find the links here: Unit 6 review of the country of Venezuela and Unit 7 review of cultural food.
  • Revisit old announcements. There you will find the Quizlet flashcards for the unit vocabulary. You can practice meanings with these as well as pronunciation.
  • Look inside each unit's vocabulary folder. There are pronunciation guides that go along with each unit vocabulary to help you with the speaking portion.

Click this gray button to visit this site to play some simple practice games with basic Spanish 1 vocabulary and grammar.

Sra. Seymour is here to help!

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