Counselor Connection

Dec 2015-Jan 2016

End of 2nd Quarter is December 18th!

3rd Grade Guidance Lessons Getting Along

In January counselors will be coming into the 3rd grade classrooms to teach students how to cooperate, care for others, and positive conflict resolution skills. For students at this age, getting along can be one of their most challenging tasks. We will use stories and lots of role-playing throughout the 6 weeks so that students can practice how to appropriately handle conflicts, bullying, bossiness, and teasing in real-life situations.

Students will be learning 8 different ways to handle teasing. They will also practice using "I statements" to describe how they feel. We will practice how to keep a situation under control vs. letting it turn into a conflict.

Suggested Books

Counselor Tech Tips - December 2015

Technology is an integral part of education today. It is important that students understand how to use technology, particularly the internet, in a safe way. Below are two resources with great information about cyber safety that you can explore with your students. Having discussions about cyber safety and appropriate online interactions can help to open the lines of communication in your family. Being aware of and involved in your students’ online life will help keep them safe and cyber smart!

Disney's Surfswell Island

Raising Cyber-Conscious Kids

Thursday, Jan. 21st 2016 at 7-8pm

Strongsville High School Little Theater

For all parents with kids grades K-12

Sponsored by:

Strongsville City Schools Guidance Dept.

Guest Speaker: Caroline Wathey from Internet Crimes Against Children

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