November Team Recognition

DeLoach Nation


I am grateful that I was open to the idea of Arbonne when it came to me because it has changed the quality of my life, I've grown so much personally (still growing), and Arbonne has opened doors for me that did not exist before. I am eternally grateful for each of you - for the love that you pour into each other and for your tireless efforts in sharing our company, our products, and our business with people for the purpose of helping and serving them. You are amazing and I am so grateful that our lives have crossed paths on this incredible journey

Cheers to an incredible last POWERFUL month to 2016. Help people's skin glow and to look their best for the holidays and the New Year! Life is too short to play small -- execute that plan and BELIEVE in your big scary goals, and December's magic. Help people reignite their dreams for their lives. We are here to serve others. Brighten people's days, and change their lives. Have the courage to connect, and to share the gift of Arbonne wherever you may go. ~ Liz

Congratulations Bonus Earners

Earning your DM Bonus ($5000 QV & 5 PCs/Cons with $150+) means you're working your business, which means long-term growth!

DM: $260 on override volume commission + $200 Cash Bonus = $460+ check -- this is before your direct sale commissions! When you teach a direct DM to earn their DM Bonus it adds an additional $260 to your check!

DM Bonus Earners

Holly Kleiman

Rena Frey

Brook Brand

Niki Costantino

Liz DeLoach

Corinne Babcock

AM Bonus Earner

Holly Kleiman

November Team Recognition!

Half-way to Nation:

over halfway!! Holly Kleiman

Half-way to Region-qualification:

Laura Ferguson!!

Over halfway to AM QUAL

Brook Brand

Niki Costantino

Area-Managers-in- Qualification:

Tara Quicke in Laura Ferguson's District.. WOOHOOOOO!!!

New District Managers!!

Cynthia Mills in Liz DeLoach’s District

District Managers in qualification

Stephanie Kanak in Corinne Babcock’s District

Mariana Arias in Cynthia Mill's District

Hallie Davis in Brittney Blackledge's District

Amber Mendes in Kelly Guigni's District

Ashley Smetona in Kelly Guigni's District

Anna Gonzales in Rena Frey's District

Bethany Montgomery in Tara Quicke's District

Shauna Shook in Sarwat Suleimans District

Blanca Munoz in Sarwat Suleimans District

Katie Moses in Tammy Gibsons District

Neily Mathias in Holly Kleiman's District

Marybeth Wiener in Brook Brand's District

Erika Sanchez in Brook Brand's District

Paris Davis in Niki Costantino's District

Angie Casarez in Robyn Roger's District

Deane Henderson in Claire Broxterman's District

Linda Gerard in Najia Said's District

Ashley Hewitt in Natalie Frazier's District

Janelle Cahoun in Nicole Grave's District

Michelle Cook in Bridget Gould's District

DM Bonus Earners

Holly Kleiman

Rena Frey

Brook Brand

Niki Costantino

Liz DeLoach

Corinne Babcock

AM Bonus Earners

Holly Kleiman

Top District QV

Holly Kleiman 7,513.00

Elizabeth DeLoach 7,474.00

Rena Frey 6,064.00

Top Central District Sponsoring 150

(Kleiman Region)

Holly Kleiman 12

Brook Brand 12

Nicole Costantino 12

Rena Frey 11

Top Central Area QV & Sponsoring 150

Holly Kleiman 22,017.00 and 40 PC/Cons $150+

Laura Ferguson 18,387.00

Elizabeth DeLoach 16,038.00

Top Central Region QV Sponsoring 150

Holly Kleiman 45,677.00 and 59 PC/Cons $150+

Haley Duncan 41,386.00

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2016 Incentive Trip - BAHAMAS!!

First off-- listen to this call from ERVP April Welsh! She's earned all trips and knows how to do it!: Playback: 530-881-1399 Access Code: 939140

***You must Register for the trip for double volume to count!

Two things to focus on--- VOLUME and PROMOTING new people! Shocking, I know! Our system lines up PERFECTLY with this!

Advice from ENVP Mary Wright -- Promote early and often!!! Can you promote a few people THIS month and help them earn it too?! Can you help promote 2-3 new people to Area Manager in the next few months? With our Start Now Top 10, YES YOU CAN!!!!!

Tip #1-- Bring as many people as you possible can to our Nation meeting on TONIGHT Tuesday. Like more than EVER. PACK YOUR CAR. ASK EVERYONE.

Tip #2-- Work on volume NOW. Place a personal order for anything you're going to need (remember you get DOUBLE volume for it!

Tip #3-- Stock-up on hand soap, gifts, fizz sticks, replenish my presentation stuff, etc. etc. ) in the next few months--if you'll need it soon, get it NOW so you can get double volume. Keep working to get group presentations booked! Work holiday sales, work a few holiday ideas too! Work to get as much as the volume part done THIS month so you can count it double!!!!

I will pass on more once I have time to put together, but most important BELIEVE You can earn it! Put it out there. Change your screen saver to the trip visual and your BENZ. Tell your family! YOU DESERVE THIS TRIP!!

Just a few memories from AIT 2015 trip... Who's joining 2016?

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9 in 90 Challenge = Everything you want from this business!

Who wants to earn a trip to the Bahamas and a Louis Vuitton bag, and basically be in such momentum that you'll also earn a BENZ, and/or promote to Nation of you're already a RVP?

Must listen to call, and email me if you are IN with your Voxer handle. I'm going for this too!

11 Great Reasons… To Begin your Arbonne Business in December!

You get to take the TAX Benefits at the end of the year, without doing much to earn them. It’s like having a baby in December!

A new phone,ipad, or computer are just a few of the tax deductible presents you might buy yourself in December!

Are you going to travel to see friends and family over the holidays? Take your products, show them, leave them with a catalog and write part of the trip off!

You will be able to take advantage of a 35% discount on all of your holiday shopping for your family and friends! Plus, they count as advertising so they are also a tax write-off!

Are your relatives going to visit you over the holidays? Practice on informing them about Arbonne & the products we offer and get part of your training done.

Are your friends and acquaintances going to holiday parties? Help them look their best!

Over the holidays, you will see lots of people that you won’t see very often otherwise. What a wonderful time to be able to tell them about your new Arbonne business (and arrange for after-holiday presentations).

Make immediate sales by letting your friends and family know that your Arbonne store is open for last minute stocking stuffers, gifts and gift wrapping service! Think MEN especially!

Take advantage of some time between Christmas & the new year to review the Arbonne training materials & be prepared to share the business opportunity in the new year… they also have gift money to spend. Everyone is looking for an “after holiday” fun thing to do.

Right after Christmas as we head into the New Year- people are going to want to get healthy—we have AWESOME products for that and a 30 day program!

ATLANTIS!!!!!!! Start NOW and earn double credit towards this awesome trip!!!!!!

December Demo Inspiration!

DeLoach Nation is UNSTOPPABLE!