Amazon Inc.


Amazon is an electronic commerce company and was founded in July of 1994 by Jeffrey P. Bezos, who is the CEO today. Amazon is the largest internet-based retailer in the United States. They provide online retail shopping services. Amazon has many subsidiaries including Zappos, Internet Movie Database, Amazon China along with many more. With Amazon being such a large and widely used company, they are bound to have competitors. Apple and Barnes and Noble are the top competitors of Amazon.

Production Factors

Amazon is an online retail shopping service for the United States along with other countries all over the world. Amazon sells everything from card games, like Cards Against Humanities, to groceries, pet supplies, automotive parts, and electronics. Amazon employs over 154,000 people, with a net worth of 172.90 billion dollars.

Annual Financials

Although the sales have been high, the net income for the past few years has been bad. In 2010 Amazon was worth 1.15B but by 2011, they lost almost half and has not been able to bounce back.
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Stock Info

Amazon's stock symbol is AMZN and traded on NASDAQ. The current price for a stock of Amazon is $373.02 which is close to the 52 week high. Amazon has split their stocks a total of three times. The latest was in September of 2009 and the stock was split 2 for 1. Amazon has a total of 130,002 shares able to trade. Amazon does not pay dividends. According to, short term indicators shows that a 7 day stock should be sold. The short term average is to sell. The long term average is to buy and hold the stock. This website predicts that the stocks will be increasing soon and staying up.


With the way that Amazon has been performing, I would most likely not keep the stock that I have. The company is making money but is still in the red and is going down hill fast. I bought my 20 shares of Amazon at $386.93 per share. The current price is now $373.02 which means that I have lost money on this stock. I have currently lost $245.50. This experience has taught me that just because a company is famous, it doesn't mean that the company is doing well and will continue to do well. Amazon has seemed like they are doing well when in reality, they are in the red and have lost more than half of all of their money.