romeo and juliet

-Wonder Gaucin, Blk: 2, movie.

The Vampire Diaries to Romeo and Juliet

The Vampire Diaries is related to Romeo and Juliet because in the series Elena Gilbert and Damon Salvatore want to have a family together but they cant because they're both vampires. Then later on they find a magic potion that can turn you back human so Elena takes the potion. Then, Damon's mom Lilian Salvatore was mad and wanted revenge on her son so she did a spell that put Elena to sleep and made it to where she wont awake until her best friend Bonnie Bennett died. Which is also Damon's best friend. After Damon found out that his love of all time was put to sleep by his own mother because she didn't want him to be happy he wanted to kill himself but he didn't and stayed strong for her because he knew she would have wanted that. Damon Salvatore said in the movie that he will wait for her as long as it takes even if that means forever. And in The Vampire Diaries Elena Gilbert is resembling Juliet. Damon Salvatore is resembling Romeo in a way. Last but not least Lilian Salvatore is resembling Lady Capulet.
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