Snow leopard

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Snow leopard

The snow leopard can be known as panthera uncia which is a scientific name for the snow leopard. Its species is the panthera. The population of its species is about 3,500 to 7,000 leopards left. Also the species number of population may be numbers in between 3,500 to 7,000 like maybe about 6,000 or so. But these animals are getting endangered which decreases the number of leopards that exists.


Snow leopards appearance

The snow leopard is called the panthera uncia which is kind of like a special name. The snow leopard can jump the size of its full body. It is mostly white for its camouflage to capture its prey but in the snow because of its white coat. Its long tail helps the snow leopard to balance its self it also provides agility. It also uses its tail when resting as a nice blanket as protection from the cold. It's powerful build allows it to scale great steep slopes with ease. Its hind legs give the snow leopard the ability to leap six times the length of its body. If the snow leopard was compared to a mouse well they would both run fast but mostly the snow leopard is getting endangered while the mouse is not.


Snow leopards habitat

The snow leopard can be found around the snow but not always you can find it on snow. It can also be near mountainous areas. It can be found in the regions of Central Asia. You can find them in elevations between 3,000 and 4,500 meters in steep terrain. Well usually snow leopards can be found on steep terrain near snow so most probably you can find it in cold alpine tundras. When snow leopards sleep they mostly sleep in places that look like caves. They wrap their tails around their bodies like a blanket.


Snow leopards diet

Snow leopards prey on whatever unregulates (sheep and goats) are available from wild pigs and markhor. This is the food chain alpine vegetation and mushrooms are eaten by large rodents, baharal, and ibex then they are eaten by the snow leopard this is a food chain of natural food chain. The food chain with humans well is the same exact one but snow leopards are killed by humans.

OFFSPRING baby facts

Snow leopard Cubs

Cubs are usually born on June and July to. Well the snow leopard mother carries the babies/Cubs or mother's gestation time like for months or even years before they are born. Usually this animal has only 2 to 3 Cubs born in June and July. Baby Cubs are usually 19 inches long when born from the top of the head to the tip of its tail. The baby Cubs usually don't have a special name until they are big more or less like an adult. Baby Cubs usually stay with their mother 1 or 2 years before the Cubs live on their own.

Snow leopard facts


Snow leopards are up to 125 cm long including the tail. Usually snow leopards do not roar but make other sounds like a cat saying "meow." Since snow leopards are endangered there are about 6000 snow leopards left. Snow leopards usually have only 2-3 Cubs which is to less for the animals to keep up without getting endangered. Snow leopards only can be found on steep high areas which it will be tough to look for one. Snow leopards are not only found on snow it also can be found on places where there is no snow near but you can still find it in steep high areas. Snow leopards are usually born on June and July only which it may be the same reason as having a bit Cubs only. They live alone which probably may be hard for them for hunting without help or when they are at risk they can't help each other. They are hunted by humans because of their livestock. They are so valuable because of their fur, bones, and the skin which that is another reason they are being endangered.

Snow leopards

WRAP UP Final Thought !!!

Snow leopards are usually endangered because of humans they. Are being hunted because of its bones, skins, and organs. People are trying to save the snow leopards by adopting them or putting them in zoos to help them survive and then fund raise money to help them.
Save the Snow Leopard!