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"Launching the Next Generation of Lifetime Learners"

Week at a Glance:

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Hour of Code

PTA Holiday Store

December 7:

Intervention Monday

Mrs. Reed at CPI training all day

PBIS- 2:45

December 8:

PLC Tuesday

Last Golf Squad Day


December 9:

1st Grade Planning

MTAC- 2:45

December 10:

2nd Grade Gingerbread Open House- 7:30-8:30am

PD for Certified Staff: (3:00-4:00)- Kindergarten Assistants Cover 2nd Load in Theater at 3:00

  • Bullying Course Follow-up by Mrs. Jenkins- 20 minutes
  • PLC Process Goal Reflection- 25
  • Survey for Big Universe and Storia- 10

December 11:

Last day to submit Town Crier Articles to Katie Jenkins for January's issue

Staff Pizza and Drinks during lunch from Mrs. Reed and Mrs. Slagle (there will also be raffle drawings for some great prizes!)

Last Jeans Day for Angels of Fairview

Staff Holiday Party at Wild Wings South (6:00-9:00)

4 Elves are on the loose at FES! Keep your eyes open for these sneaky little guys and gals...Remember to pass the ELF on to any staff member in the school so the Holiday Cheer spreads quickly! PS: If you get "elfed" a second time, please pass the cheer on to another FES Elf.

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Growth Mindset, part 2. (by Amanda Herbert)

Knowing that we can change our mindsets (and those of our students) is an important step towards success. In order to fulfill our potential, we can remind ourselves that our brains are malleable and can be trained to perform. With a growth mindset, we focus not on judgement, but on LEARNING. With a growth mindset, we receive information and ask ourselves, 'what can I do better?', rather than on the perceived criticism or negative content that we would have heard with a fixed mindset. We remind ourselves (and our students) that mistakes are a path to knowledge.

How can we talk to ourselves and our students from now on, now that we are aware of this? Rather than telling a student, 'You must be really smart at math!', we can say, 'You must have tried very hard.' Instead of focusing on the end result we praise effort and reinforce the positives of a new learning experience. Be aware of the danger and limitations of fixed mindsets (both your own and your students'). Consider the AIG student who is used to easy success and accomplishments. They may have a stronger fixed mindset than others because for years they have considered themselves smart and special, thus thinking they do not have to work so hard. Their fixed mindset will lead to trouble when something is suddenly difficult for them - they will not be used to effort or failure and will shut down sooner than their peer who has a growth mindset. Therefore, praise and encourage effort and perseverance to all: 'I'm proud of you for sticking with it!'

First Grade Gets Creative with Global Education by changing classes for "Holidays Around the World"!

Free "Storia" Trial

Mrs. Davidson recently sent directions for logging in to a free trial of Storia. This online collection of ebooks was requested by teachers at our school. Please take a moment to explore what this website has to offer both as a teacher and as a student. A survey will be coming next week for teachers to provide feedback to help the curriculum leadership team and SIT determine if this is a valuable purchase for our school. The other option is "Big Universe," which we have subscribed to before. We are looking at comparing the two programs as we do not have money to support both. Thanks!

Holiday Meal to be held on December 15! See note from Paula Penley below:

Dec. 15 is the day for our next Holiday meal. We will be serving Sliced Ham w/Glaze, Variety of Fruits & Veggies, and of course DESSERTS!!. YUMMY STUFF!!!!

Adult pricing is typical of a regular adult meal. $3.85.

Visiting Children would pay $3.50.

Please let me me know ahead of time if you plan to invite extra guests so I will be able to accommodate all our guests with the meal they would expect. I would also ask that we require guests to bring correct change, or expect the change to go to the student account they are associated with, as we run short of change so often on these days.

If we get a lot of company coming in, I will post a Google doc. and have everyone fill a space for their room and a number.

I look forward to another successful meal for all of us!!!

A Few Safety Reminders from our Central Office:

  1. All adults in the building should be wearing a form of identification in the form of a school or organization's ID Badge or a sticker from the front office. Please kindly ask any adult you do not recognize who they are and if they signed in at the front office. FYI- Maintenance workers and contractors should all have name badges.
  2. The cafeteria back entrance should be monitored at all times. The cafeteria back entrance door should always be locked. Visitors other than cafeteria deliveries should be directed to the front office to sign in.
  3. Propping open doors is never allowed. No outside doors should be propped open for any reason.
  4. Please report suspicious activity immediately to the front office.

* It takes each one of us to ensure the safety outside and within our school building, and you all do a great job. Keep it up!

News You Can Use:

Reminders from your CHAPS Team:

  • Eblen Charities provides snacks for students who cannot afford to bring them from home. If you have a child in need of snack, please send the child to the office to pick up snack or visit the office yourself to pick up what you need.

  • If you have a child who needs a change of clothing during the school day, please send a teacher assistant from your classroom or grade level. If you do not have an instructional assistant available, please call the office and then send the child to the office. In that case, an office staff member will gladly assist the student. There will be an envelope on the closet door with a letter to send home with any student who used clothes from the closet.

A note from your friendly climate committee: If you see a staff member with a student who is acting out, please first ask the adult what you can do to help. If you are the adult with the acting out student, please allow other staff members to seek help for you if needed. With any acting out student, there should be 3 CPI staff members called to assist. The office can contact CPI trained staff as needed. All II teachers, most II Assistants, Administrators and Katie Jenkins are CPI trained. Please also remember to use your common sense in any situation involving student safety.

All suggestions that have been submitted to the school suggestion box have been discussed with the School Improvement Team Chairperson and Administration. If you submitted an anonymous request, and would like to know the outcome and/or status of the request, please Mrs. Reed or Mrs. Slagle. They would appreciate the opportunity to discuss the suggestion.

The second round of teacher observations is starting now. The deadline for this cycle is January 29 and it is only for teachers who are BT's (full formal unannounced observation) and those who are renewal or career and not tenured (standards 1 and 4 only- minimum 20 minutes-unannounced). Please let Mrs. Reed or Mrs. Slagle know if you have any questions at all. We always look forward to spending this time in your classroom.

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