Jacob's Rescue A Holocaust Story

Main Characters

Jacob: jacob is a jewish boy in the biggest ghetto in Warsaw. Jacob is smuggeld out of the ghetto with the help of his grandmother. Jacobs grandmother hands him over to a polish man Alex. Jacobs name is changed to a more polish name Genyek. Jacob is planned to live with alex an his family until the war is over.

Alex: Alex is a polish man with 2 children and a wife. Alex takes Jacob from the ghetto in Warsaw. When Alex gets jacob he first tells him 3 things, Your name is Genyek now,You will not die,Im uncle Alex. Alex makes tons of sacrifices for "Genyek" including moving multuiple times to keep him safe. He also sells the apartment to get medical attention for one of Jacobs brothers he takes in. Alex takes in both of Jacobs brothers this is very risky and for what he did he won the Righteous Among Nations Award

Mela Rosan: Mela Is married to Alex. she helps the kids stay safe. she cooks warm meals for the children. she treats the boys like they are her own. Mela also is scared and worried for her and her childrens lives. Mela also is given then Righteous Among Nations Award.


At the start of this book its a Jewish boy named Jacob is in a Warsaw ghetto(the biggest ghetto in Poland). At this time holocaust is going on. Many Jews were being sent from the ghettos to aushwits an other work an death camps . Jacob is soon smuggled out by his grandmother an aunt and handed over to Alex. Alex is a kind polish man who is trying to save the jews. Alex does many risky moves to save Jacob. Alex sells his home and moves many times so him his family and jacob couldnt be found. Alex takes in jacobs brothers later on in the story.




1. One of the ways Roslan earned the medal is they sold their own home and risked their lives hiding Jacob and his Jewish brother. They are constantly lying to the nazis and if one of the Jewish boys was found they all would have been killed putting all their lives in danger to save these Jewish boys is what earned them the award.

2. Another way the Roslans earned the award is Yurek one of their children was sick an saved some of his medicine to give to Sholom take make him healthier this put the own boys health I. Danger by not taking the right amount of medicine.

3. The Rosalans also won the award because Alex an mela take in the 3rd boy after Sholom passes away. Towards the end of the war they escape to the out skirts of Poland in a small village. They stay their and that is were they are told the wars over! Alex and Mela return the boys back to their father but it wasnt easy. They loved the boys.


"may you never know the hunger I knew" Jacob said this to one of his children saying they are hungry. This means that his child will never know how hungry he was. Jacob was starving in the Warsaw ghetto. Jacob was starving because there was minimum food in the ghetto and even out.


This story is truly touching. It was very interesting and i think everyone found it that way. This story really teaches you what the Jews went threw and how horrible the holocaust really was. It really opend my eyes about the holocaust and how much the Jewish boys suffered. It was also amazing how Alex and Mela saved the boys. Alex and Melas story should never be forgotten.