POHW Before Poster

By~ Merrick Pierson

1. Hollis' Outlook on Life

In the beginning, Hollis is sad and lonely after running away from several foster homes. In the end, she is happy to be a part of the Regan family.


Quote- " So there are five of us now: a mother, a father, a brother, and two sisters. A family."

Pg.- 166

2. What happens with the Regans

In the beginning, after running away from the Regans she doesn't wan to go back because she thinks that she is the problem of all of it. Steven and the Old Man were fighting so she thought that she was the reason of it.

Quote- I sighed. " It was all my fault, I messed up the whole family"

Pg- 158

3. Hollis Running away

Hollis is thriving for a family, but at the same time she wants to find a good family that she can trust. She keeps on running away from every single foster home she has been put in. Every single foster house the Mustard Lady has placed her in she has not loved.

Quote- " Why did I have to mess everything up?"

Pg- 29

4. Still a little shy

Hollis is very shy in the beginning of the book. She doesn't want to come out of her comfort zone at all. She doesn't know if she is the right person for a family. Hollis cannot find a perfect family yet.

Quote- " I drew in my breath, very shy."

Pg- 6

5. Izzy's Child

Izzy has been wanting a child for a long time. She wants a little girl that is amazing, just like Hollis. She would be blessed with a wonderful child, but she cant have on quite yet.

Quote- " I've always wanted more children." Izzy says.

Pg. 69

6. Trustful Words

In the beginning of Pictures Of Hollis Woods, Hollis cannot trust people because when she was little her parents abandoned her in the woods. It is really hard for her to realize that she should trust people because a lot of good things could happen.

Quote- " I didn't want anyone to see into my soul."

Pg. 5

7. Josies' house

Hollis is loving it with Josie. They live in a warm house, and they also have yummy food. Hollis doesn't want to leave Josie. Josie makes Hollis feel welcome into her home. They have lots of fun together, and do lots of things.

Quote- " I had been at Josie Cahill's house for three weeks." " As soon as it's really cold, we will make huge fires in the fireplace."

Pg. 18