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GMS Orchestra = Straight Superiors at Competition

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Congratulations to our GMS Orchestra and their director Mr. Dolinsky, who earned Straight Superiors at their MPA Competition on March 6th at Colonial High School. Orchestra MPA stands for Music Performance Assessment. Judging is based off of the three pieces performed then a sight-reading piece. Only the highest Glenridge orchestra qualifies to participate in Concert MPA, and that is Chamber. There are four categories for judging: Poor, Good, Excellent, or Superior. Every year for the past 12 years, Glenridge's Chamber Orchestra has come back with Superiors. They are definitely a leading group in Orange County! Coming up next: Band and Chorus results...Stay Tuned!

By Dylan and Andy

Speak Out... Without Speaking

Glenridge Middle's very own Jessica C. has chosen to raise awareness for people who don't have a voice in their government. She didn't speak for an entire day, carrying only a whiteboard- to participate in class and a card explaining why she wasn't speaking. You can join in this movement by participating in further events, too! Find Jessica in 7th grade for more information. Think about how lucky you are to be in the United States and have a voice and a choice! -By Cassidy S & Jessica C.

Ms. Cindy's Switch

Ms. Cindy Tapia is now working at GMS. She moved over to our school from Audubon Park Elementary. We spent some time together and found out these answers.

Q: How different is middle school from elementary school?

She says it is very different,. When the kids come in, they seem to interact more and share stories that are happy and some are even sad. They tell her about what's happening in their lives and just talk more. She likes to hear all their stories.

Q: What do you do for our school?

She is a reading coach assistant. She goes into classes and helps with reading. She also helps out when she can in the front office.

Q: What is your favorite part about GMS?

She loves the kids especially because she's known some since Kindergarten!

It looks like Ms. Cindy Tapia is all settled in!

Spirit Sales

Want to represent Glenridge everywhere you go? Thanks to Glenridge PTSA, you can. At school events and sometimes in the courtyard, they'll be selling lots of cool school stuff. Some of this includes t-shirts, spirit sleeves (sleeves you can wear under a t- shirt) and much more!

For more information, contact a friend in PTSA , check out the table in the Courtyard or see the coordinator, Mrs. Stacey. -Jessica C., and Cassidy S.

Quotes Can Change The World

Every student who has an Instagram, Twitter, Facebook account knows about Quotes. When they post new pictures, sometimes they add quotes to it. Some quotes are good, some are bad, some are funny or motivational. At first, a quotes might not make sense, but deep thoughts can make you understand them. Quotes with the right photo can help you if you are having a hard time and you don't really want to be upset and/or mad. Quotes can change it all. Just a few simple words can give you a whole different perspective. Below we took some photos to match our favorite quotes. By : Jaycie and Michaela

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