Should Britain follow France's lead

and ban the full face veil?

The French Government's opinion...

The French Government have banned full face veils in the country because the government want to protect French culture. The government do not have the authority to remove the veils from people but they can fine anyone wearing them.

A Muslim citizen says " I will continue wearing my veil and continue paying the fine!"

A non-Muslim citizen says "We have to respect the Muslim culture but the Muslim's should respect the laws of the country that is taking them in!"

The British Government's opinion...

The British Government are undecided about the matter. They feel that the Muslim Community should be able to keep their culture but it shouldn't intrude on our country's culture either.

Our opinion

Our opinion is quite undecided because Britain is such a multicultural country. We think that each religion should be free to express themselves as long as it doesn't intrude on the overall culture of the population in that country.

Grace and Tilly say " Our concluded answer is that it will vary depending on which person you ask but we think that it is yes and no because it is contrasting cultures ."


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