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A New Format!

As you see, I'm using a new format for our technology newsletter this time. This flyer comes from This new website allows you to create a flyer online, using a number of templates and color themes, then share that flyer through email (like this) or just by sharing the link. You can add pictures, link to websites, or embed videos and calendar events.

Students are using Smore flyers to create online projects and presentations. Its a great way for students to report on their research! They love the flexibility and getting to CREATE! Teachers are using it for Classroom Newsletters to send to parents. Our own librarian, Ann Terry, even uses it to present multiple links in one place for our students to use for research.

Contact Jeff Wiseman or Ann Terry if you're interested in finding a way to use this or any other ideas shown below in your classroom!

Please Use HelpDesk!

Whenever you run into an equipment issue that needs to be addressed, please create a ticket in HelpDesk (Eduphoria). This is very important for two reasons:

  1. It helps me and Mark Cizdziel (our district-level Tech Specialist) address the issues as quickly as possible while we are covering additional responsibilities on campus.
  2. It helps the district Technology Department track the performance of our equipment on campus. If they see a problem happening over and over again, this helps them decide how to repair or replace the equipment.

Create a HelpDesk ticket for anything you think may need our attention, such as:

  • Toner / Ink is empty for a hallway printer
  • Issues with the Xerox copy machines
  • Computer issues (broken equipment, problems connecting to the network, etc.)
  • Network Login issues
  • Classroom Projector problems

(Also, say Hi to Mark if you see him in the hallways! We're glad to have him helping us out on campus during this period of transition!)

Classroom Ideas & Tools to use!

Quizlet - Online flashcards & vocab practice

If you aren't using Quizlet, you and your students are missing out! Personally, I think this is the best flashcard website available. You and your students can create "decks" of flashcards to share with each other, OR you can search by categories to find and use decks made by others! (Hint: Search by your textbook's title to find pre-made decks of some chapters' vocab words.)

There are a number of ways students can study with Quizlet:

  • Flashcards familiarize students with new material.
  • Learn tests their knowledge of the subject.
  • Speller speaks words in 18 languages and corrects students on their mistakes.
  • Test generates a graded quiz with a custom format.
  • Scatter the terms and definitions on the screen and put them back together.
  • Space Race shots a term across the screen while you type the definition.
  • (Bonus: The website will read card’s text aloud. Great for student with "read aloud" accommodations, ELLs, struggling readers, etc.)

**Read here about how teachers are using Quizlet in their classrooms!

Show the BYOD expectation for the day

Mr. Wuthrich has a great idea for how to show students what the BYOD expectation is for that day's class: He shows his BYOD Thumbs Up / Down posters on his Daily Agenda, which is showing at the start of each class. As students walk in they can see how BYOD will be used for that day, and adjust accordingly. (This is also a great way to show your "I Can" statements to your students!)
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eThemes - Online Lesson Plans Resource

"eThemes is your source for content-rich, kid-safe online resources that will help enhance your teaching and save you time. eThemes provides free, fast access to over 2,500 collections of websites, on topics ranging from Aerodynamics to Zebras and everything in between!

By researching and creating these resources for you, eThemes will save you the time that you used to spend wading through millions of hits on Google, trying to find a few websites that meet your teaching needs. We do the searching for you, giving you more time to improve your lesson plans and actually teach!"

Fresh Prince: Google Translated | cdza Opus No. 16

Upcoming Workshops

Registration for Summer PD courses

  • Registration opens Friday, April 5th at 5 PM in Eduphoria's Workshop.
  • Sessions will be held at Liberty HS (unless specified otherwise) 8:00AM–11:00AM and 12:30PM–3:30PM Mon, June 17 - Fri, June 21 and Mon, July 29 - Fri, Aug 2.


STAAR Testing Begins Next Week (April 1-4)

The D-Hall has won the raffle to be the testing hallway for STAAR during the week of April 1-4. Testing will be held periods 1A– 3A and 1B- 3B. All testing will be completed by 4th period on each day.

  • Remember If you have anything on your walls that can be considered as help for students testing, please take them down off of the wall.
  • Please let your students know what room you will have class in if your D-Hall room is being used.

Clean up your email footprint!

Through the Outlook Email Client (yellow icon on your computer), use “Search Folders” then “Large Mail” to get rid of the big stuff.