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Pre K 1 Newsletter

Another Short But Awesome Week.......Happy New Years!!!

  • Feeding the alligators and working on our hand eye coordination/pincer grip
  • Free expression with chalk art
  • Working as partners to complete floor puzzles
  • Meeting Coach Erin and getting a demo in Soccer Shots
  • Pajama Day with Popcorn
  • Making New Year hats

Soccer Shots!

During January Soccer shots will be starting back up! After getting to sit in and see what all it has to offer I would Like to encourage you to consider Soccer Shots. It is not just about the sport of soccer. Your child will learn how to work individually and as a team. They will be using listening ears to follow one and multiple step directions. As well as working on their physical health! Papers about Soccer Shots are placed in your child's green folder.

Mei Mei Liu's Last Day

December 31st was Mei Mei's last day here at Legacy. Her parents both got job offers that they could not refuse in China. They will be relocating there and Mei Mei will get to see her grandparents again! We will miss you Mei Mei <3 Love your Legacy Family