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Early Life!

Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo was born in an unknown place and Spanish could not figure it out ether. A person from Spain came and took him to Spain. They trained him until he was good enough to go in to war. He was the best at the crossbow. He started to work with Cortes and they were a good team. When fighting tribes they teamed up and easily conquered their land even if they had less men they would still conquer their land. They would take their valuables so they could get rich and become some of the richest men in the new world. They wanted impress their queen so the queen would marry them and they would become a king and rule the new world and have people worship them. He was sent to Mexico on a mission to arrest the rebellious Herman who had disobeyed orders in his conquest of the Aztecs. The mission didn't succeed and the ambitious Cabrillo joined Cortes in his attack on the Aztec capital of Mexico.


Cortes went to an island with Juan. They found a tribe and their encomendero. The encomendero welcomed them because he thought that Cortes was a god so did the encomienero. Soon Cortes set traps at night for the Aztecs. Ten there was a big war. The Aztecs were hapless and the war was cataclysmic . Soon the encomienero was Cortes to control.He was the new encomendero the one who ruled the land that the encomienero and the encomendero used to rule over.


Cortes was going on a conquest so he could get revenge on some native tribe. So he packed up and took an army and a armada. HE set of to have his revenge. Some natives also disliked the Aztecs. So they helped him. They disliked Aztecs because they used their tribe as a sacrifice to their idle.So they picked them up and set off. They missed the entree to the Aztecs so they had to turn around and head the right way. The Aztecs were defeated by Cortes before that the Aztecs were so happy and after a while of the Aztecs were becoming suspicious and confused why Cortes and his people were not coming to the ceremonies for them. Cortes people were not sure how to get out alive. then the Aztecs kicked them out but kept them alive. then Cortes came back and defeated them.
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Cortez and the Aztec leader!

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The Aztec leader that was killed by Cortez,and Juan!


Cortes was a conquistador. He defeated the Aztecs and took the Aztec gold.He gave Juan his share of the Aztec gold.Then Juan used that gold to buy a horse. But before that he put the traps on an isthmus. Juan also took a native woman as his bride. when the bride said she would bear him 3 children and their children in favor marred some people in Spain. After that Juan went to the new world and then he settled there and died there. Juan got a lot of gold because he took a lot of natives as slaves to work for him and the slaves worked to mine gold and other valuables. He became the richest man to live in the new world.


On 1543 when Juan had an accident he cut his leg open eventually it got infected and killed him. After he died he became the richest man in the new world.He was a very destructive man and liked to battle people and take their stuff like he did to the Aztecs and took their gold and killed most of them! Juan was attacked some time around Christmas eve by a tribe. Juan never achieved his goal. He died on January 3, 1543 the infection on his leg was called gangrene. He got shot with a bow and arrow by a tribe called the tongva.

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Ambitious-Determined to succeed.

Achieve- To accomplish some thing like a goal.

Isthmus-A narrow strip of land.

Conquistador-Conqueror in Spanish.

Hapless-Bad luck.

Crossbow-A bow that has a lot of force when shot.

Idle-A fake god.

Bear-to give.

Armada-A large group of ships.


Encomienero-The land the natives control.

Encomendero-Owner of the natives land.