SSR Project

By: Emma L.

~Book 1~


Author- Raina Telgemeier

Genre- Autobiography and Graphic novel

Topic/ Subject- Being in 6th grade to High School finding who's there for you and figuring out that your stronger than you think.

Rating- I would rate this book a 3, it has a good subject and I like the way this book is written. I also like that it shows different scenarios of things that can happen when your growing up. The part I didn't like about this book is how it had a couple problems in the book and they didn't go very deep.

~Book 2~


Author-Raina Telgemeier

Gerne- Graphic Novel

Topic/Subject- A girl in high school learning new things about people and behinds the scenes.

Rating- I would give this book a 3. I really liked the meaning and the book in general. The thing I don't like is the ending I thought it could it would have been better if she changed it to be more interesting.

~Book 3~

Title- Sisters

Author- Raina Telgemeier

Gerne- Graphic Novel

Topic/Subject- Raina and her sister get in a bunch of fights on a road trip to see family that lives a cross the country. While they on this road trip they learn new things about there family and that they really need to be there for eachother.

Rating- I would give this book a 4. I really liked how it went from past tense to present and show different things the girl went threw.

Write to Learn

Dear School Board President,

I would like to tell you about kids in my generation not reading. As I get older, I notice more technology and other activities being invented, and reading is now more of a thing that kids think of as them being forced to read. I don't like being forced to do stuff. I have an idea. I think we should start having reading points. Reading points are when you read a book with a certain amount of pages, depending on the age, you would get twenty points. With the reading points, if you have at least sixty points you get a prize. Not like those really cheap toys like a bouncy ball.

With the younger kids so, grade T-K through first grade would need at least twenty pages. They need to give a little summary of what they read to a teacher. Their prize choices would be, a kite, king size candy bar, and a lunch with the principle or a teacher of their choice.

Kid's second through forth grade will have to read fifty pages for twenty points. They would need to give a brief paragraph about each book they read. Their prizes would be, a basketball, a pass that lets them have lunch with a friend, and they get to have an extra 10 minutes of recess with five other students in that grade.

Finally, grade's fifth to eighth. They have to read at least one hundred pages. They get to have a pass to get to skip a test in subjects such as, Science, math, or spelling. They also get to choose a movie day where they chose a day, a movie, and seven students.

I think if you do this system it will encourage kids to read more than just sit there on their technology. I hope you take this into consideration. I think this will really help. Thank you for your time in reading what I think you should do to help kids read and maybe if you start this, other schools will to.

Sincerely, Emma L.

Reading Reflection

When I was in 6th grade I could barely get through one book. This year and I don't know how Mrs. Newhouse did it but I felt this year I have became a better reader. What really helped me was time. I liked that we got time to tread our book and how Mrs. Newhouse showed me that they're actually good books. This year I read 6 books, and I am glad to say I'm proud of myself for the books I read. I would like to thank Mrs. Newhouse for showing me a and pushing me to become a better reader. I like that we had book talks, it helped me remember things better.