5th GRADES Newsletter

Mrs.Wards Class


Hi, I'm Colby and I'm Hailey we are

the editors for Mrs.Wards class.

We really hope you enjoy the



In science class we have been working on a Alternative energy website.http://alternativeelliejeremiah.weebly.com/ Every body Has worked really hard. Check out the Standard Base Bulletin Board for every body's Hard work.


Battle Of The Books

By Eleanor Davis and Makayla Durham

What is Battle Of The Books? It’s where kids sign up to read ten books then they have a competition about who knows the books more. If they win the school competition then they go to the Nisd competition.

The school’s 1 2 and 3 place was……..

1st Place

Olivia Branstetter

Jes Spruill

Garin Black

Aidan Crimin

Makayla Durham

Michael Dierling

2nd Place

Monty Lankford

Brooklynn Whitton

Arhiana Aguilar

Hailey Jo Creese

Blaine Watson

Payton Cross

3rd Place

Kaleb Collins

Eleanor Davis

Georgia Moore

Colby Kusterbeck

Jayla Adams

Zephyr Lee


In the picture above you can see we were learning to multiply fraction by whole numbers

This is one students note book.

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