By: Daniel Ellis

What is wind and how is it created?

Wind is the movement of air from places with high pressure to areas of low pressure.

Wind is also created by cold air taking the place of rising hot air.

Global Winds

-Global winds are winds that cover large areas like the globe. Some examples of global wind bands are Doldrums, Trade winds, Jet streams, and the prevailing westerlies.

-The Doldrums are located at the equator and they are very weak.

-The Trade winds are located at 0 and 30 degrees latitude and are very strong. Some sailors use these to move their cargo so they can trade their goods Hence the term Trade wind.

-The Jet stream is a band of very strong winds in the upper troposphere. Pilots use these when traveling north to save fuel verses when they are traveling south they use more fuel because they are flying against the Jet stream.

-The prevailing westerlies lie between 30 and 60 degrees north and south latitude and blow from the west verses the polar easterlies and how they blow from the north and south poles.


Local winds

-Local winds are winds that blow over short distances. These include land breezes and sea breezes.

-Sea breezes are winds that blow from the sea and they only occur during the day. They blow towards land.

-Land breezes are winds that blow from Land and they only occur during night . They blow towards the sea

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