High School Counseling Connections

September/October 2018

Inside College Admissions

It's that time of year for seniors to be choosing schools to apply to. To help the process we've come up with 10 key things to tell your child about how to make an impression with a college admissions office:

1. Someone will be assigned to our school or region. Encourage your child to get to know them. This means that your child should sign up to see the admission representative when s/he visits our school. They can sign up on Family Connection.

2. Don't over do the contact/questions -- and make correspondences efficient and clear. Don't be afraid to ask good questions. Make sure that your child is the one reaching out the admission representative with interesting questions, not ones that can be easily answered from the college website.

3. They appreciate a visit to the school. Your child should let them know that they are coming, and make sure they plan ahead with them if they want special treatment like a meeting with a particular department or an opportunity to sit in a class, which can help since those people may review applications.

4. "Demonstrated Interest" is important -- showing that your child is seriously considering the school. This is done by your child visiting, calling with questions, friending the school/rep on FB, following them on twitter.

5. They like efficiency. Your child should include all the information called for, complete it accurately, send it when required and don't include extraneous material.

6. Be genuine. Let the people deciding on your child's application see what s/he is about, especially the essay and in the people chosen for recommendations. Make an impression, but don't be corny or contrived.

7. Follow up. Without being a pest, your child should get in touch if s/he hasn't heard from the school and should have. Mistakes happen in the process.

8. Stand out. Your child needs to make an impression on an admissions counselor, others in the office and on the panel reviewing

9. Grades matter. Other things are considered but most admissions officials will tell you that grades are the best indication of the type of student your child is -- and the type of student they can expect your child to be.

10. Take responsibility. Admissions officials know when your child has taken responsibility.

Helping Children Manage Anxiety

George Scott, a local therapist, spoke to our seniors about anxiety and ways to calm themselves while at CHS and beyond. Here are some the apps that George shared. These aren't exclusive to seniors, so please share them with your children and perhaps use them for yourselves.

Counseling Calendar


Seniors: Brag Sheets

Be sure brag sheet is updated in Family Connection

Sept. – Nov.

Seniors pursuing post-secondary education

· Update student activity sheets/resumes

· Finalize requests for teacher recommendations

· Visit college websites – find application deadlines – be aware of early decision and early action deadlines

· Apply to NCAA Clearinghouse if playing sports in college

· Prepare final list of colleges and visit campuses

· Submit applications to colleges

September 7

Registration deadline for the October 6th SAT & SAT Subject Tests

· This SAT will be given at CHS. Please register at https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/sat/register.

· Find out how your colleges want their SAT scores reported at: https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/pdf/sat-score-use-practices-participating-institutions.pdf But make sure to double check the institution’s website.

September 8

ACT -- Not offered at CHS

September 15

SAT/ACT Practice Test

In preparation for the upcoming SAT and ACT, Kaplan will host this prep session from 9am – 1pm at CHS. To attend, please RSVP at 1800-KAP-TEST tell them your child wants to Test at HVCHS.

September 20

Senior College Planning Night -- For parents of seniors and senior students. Learn about the college application process. Held in the PAC at 7pm.

September 21

Registration deadline for October 27th ACT

The October 27th test will be administrated at CHS. Please register at http://www.act.org/content/act/en/products-and-services/the-act/registration.html

October 1

Seniors pursuing post-secondary education --Fill out FAFSA Financial Aid Form at https://fafsa.gov/

October 4

Financial Aid Night -- For parents of college bound 12th graders. Learn the ins and outs of the college financial aid process. This will be held in the CHS PAC at 7pm.

October 5

Registration deadline for the November 3th SAT & Subject Tests

This SAT sitting will not be held at CHS. Please register at https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/sat/register.

October 6

Sat and SAT Subject Tests -- At CHS 7:30am-12:30pm – Report to the CHS cafeteria by 7:30am for your room assignment. Be prompt, bring ticket, photo I.D., pencils and calculator.

October 9

Seniors pursuing post-secondary education --If applying early decision or early action – Pink cards due to Counseling Services.

October 10

PSAT Administration -- All sophomores and juniors will take the PSAT at CHS beginning at 7:45am

October 18

Mercer County Technical School Night -- For parents of Sophomores and Juniors and students. Learn about Mercer County Technical School. Program will be held in the CHS Media Center at 7pm.

October 27

ACT --Report to CHS at 7:30am and proceed to the cafeteria. Bring #2 pencils, calculator, picture ID and registration ticket to the exam.