Native Texans

Native Texans Research

You will be asked to do research over the native groups in Texas prior to the arrival of the Europeans. Your notes will be divided into four groups: Gulf Coastal Indians, Southeastern Indians, Plains Indians and Puebloan Indians.

You will have until Wednesday to complete this assignment

Wednesday, Sep. 18th 2013 at 3:45pm

This is an online event.

You will be required to embedd your link to your Thinklink on Kidblog

Some things to help in your research

  • Please use the links provided on the Symbaloo. This is to help you save time and from going to websites that may not be appropriate for this research.
  • Geographic characteristics refer to what the land looks like. Please include information on the climate as well in these notes.
  • Social Characteristics refer to social structure of the group and how they work with other groups. Know that you will be looking at different tribes in one group. How do they get along with each other?
  • Political Characteristics refer to how these tribes and groups govern themselves. What type of leadership do they have?
  • They question at the bottom of your notes is very important to this project. Don't leave it blank!


  • You will need to go to and create an account. Please use an email and password to get this account going. Make sure that you use an email and password that you will remember. We will be using this in other projects as well.

  • You will find a picture on the web to suit your project. It can be of a native group, a map of Texas or of the region.
  • You will then be creating at least six tags on this picture that describes the tribe or group of your choice. You can also include music and video, but that is not the focus here.
  • Your tags must include the different characteristics that you researched.
  • One of your tags must include the site you got your picture from and why you chose that image.
  • One of your tags must answer the following question:
Which environmental factor had the greatest impact on the early Indian groups of Texas? Explain your answer.


Possible Score

Student Score

Teacher Score

Created a Symbaloo Account

Created a Thinglink Account and Following Teacher

The image on your Thinglink is relevant to your research

You have given a link to the website your picture came from

You have given information about your picture including why you chose it.

You have included the Geographic Characteristics of the area your tribe lived in

You have included the Economic Characteristics of the area your tribe lived in

You have included the Social Characteristics of your tribe

You have included the Political Characteristics your tribe

You have answered the question about the environment and tagged it with a question mark

The following is extra credit and will not be counted against you:

You were able to include a video or music in your Thinglink that are appropriate to your research.