My Future Plan

Nursing and College


Not just any nursing job, but an Emergency Room RN. Emergency Nurses are the people who help patients that have critical trauma or damage in the Emergency Room. They assist the doctors and also if a minor scenario comes in, then they get to handle it them selves. This is a great career outlook if you like to dance to your own beat... but also want someone to look up to.


A RN can have a associates degree but is highly recommend to get a bachelors degree or higher


An Emergency Room RN can make as low as $60,000 all the way up to $90,000! So work your way up and you'll be just fine.


To become a nurse you need to go to college and I have a few just up my sleeve...


Harvard is a great school for medicine, but not for your wallet, lets take a look!

The annual cost is 61,769 with...

Tuition of 43,938

Books being 1,000

Housing costing 14,669

and the Meal Plan being 2,162.

Although, they do understand money is hard to come by sometimes so they offer loans, scholarships, and work study.

In order to get in you must submit an application, a ACT of higher 30 and a SAT of...

Critical Reading- 700/800

Math- 710/800

Writing- 710/800

and your high school GPA has to be 15% and above and a essay.

Texas Womens University

Being near (Denton) would defiantly be nice and that can happen at TWU.

The annual cost is 11,120

Tuition is 5950

Books being 1050

Housing costing 2500

Meal Plan will cost 1620.

Not the most pricy but it still, financial aid is offered. This is loans, scholarships, work study, and exemptions.

In order to get in you need an application, an SAT of 1000 in math and critical reading combined, an ACT of 21 or higher, with a high school GPA of 2.7, giving 85% chance of entering, and an essay.

Texas A&M

Gig'em Aggies! Texas A&M cost a total 18,502 adding up to...

Tuition- 4592

Books- 1194

Housing costing- 10338

Meal Plan being- 2378.

Of course financial aid is offered in loans, scholarships, a work study, and exemptions. In order to get in you need an application a SAT of...

Critical Reading- 630

Math- 660


the ACT being

composite- 29

English- 29


Writing- 8

You need a GPA of a B or higher and a essay.