By: Hanna Nicholson

Basic Background

From 1933 to 1945 German was under a dictatorship which led to Nazi Germany. The leader was the all mighty powerful Adolf Hitler. He wanted the "perfect race" so his goal was to get rid of all Jews. He transformed Germany and controlled everything to fit his every growing needs.


When people think about going to the movie they don't think about watching new clips on Nazi Germany, but that is what happened. They would air short commercials that showed a "fun camps" that were around Germany. This was so the Jews thought it would be fun to go and the soldiers wouldn't have to remove then from their houses. Hitler used this as Propaganda and it played a big role.

Thousands of People Dead a Day

From 1933 to 1945, many people died for no reason. For the pure fact that one person thought they should die so he made it happen. Thousands of people died per day at just a single camp. Many believe this was the darkest time in German and Worldwide history.

Cultural Critisim

Hitler believed in the perfect race and culture. People fought for their lives of the fact of their culture and background. People were being killed because they were a certain race.
Interview with Nazi Colonel Hans Schwarzenegger