John Brown

"Caution...It is nothing but the word of cowardice"

John Brown's Younger Life

When John Brown was younger, he studied to work in the ministry, but instead, he decided to take up his fathers trade. John Brown was also an abolitionist. John Brown also worked with the underground railroad. And, John Brown was against slavery, too.

Fight For Freedom

John Brown thought that slavery was wrong. John Brown thought that there shouldn't be anymore slavery. John Brown also thought that the slaves shouldn't be beaten, or hurt, by the slave owners. And, John Brown thought that slavery should be stopped, or ended, too. John Brown wanted to abolish slavery. That means that he wants to stop slavery...for good. Because, the slaves were not getting treated right/nicely.

Slavery is wrong, slavery should be gone. Slavery has lasted too long.

John Brown wasn't just an ordinary guy.

John Brown Did Have Major Accomplishments In His Life!

One major accomplishment was, John Brown wanted to abolish slavery, and John Brown did his best to abolish slavery. And, John Brown also helped out with the underground railroad too.