The Plexus Compensation Plan

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Learn To Earn - Your Guide to the Plexus Worldwide Compensation Plan

Requirements and Earnings

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In the above image, you will see all of the possible ranks you can achieve as an ambassador for Plexus Worldwide, what is required to achieve such rank, and general compensation for each.

Now let's break it down and discuss each column in detail.


Annual Membership Current - This column addresses your annual $34.95 ambassador fee. Once you have paid this fee, you automatically rank as an ASSOCIATE.

Backup Order - This column shows that in order to achieve each consecutive ranking, the first thing you must have is a backup order in place and turned on. If you are current on your annual membership fee and have an active backup order, you achieve the rank of AMBASSADOR. As an ambassador, you are eligible for compensation on the first level of the compensation plan. I will cover pay levels in more detail as we go. You will not be compensated without an active backup order.

Note: You can set your backup order to be conditional or unconditional. As long as you have 100PV, you are not required to have an order sent to you each month. Reach out if you want to discuss this further.

Qualified Ambassadors - This column indicates that once you have two ACTIVE ambassadors join your team, you will promote to SENIOR AMBASSADOR. As a senior ambassador, you will be compensated on levels 1-3. As you add more qualified ambassadors, you will promote up the ranks. The number of qualified ambassadors noted for each rank states the minimum number of qualified ambassadors you need for each rank.

Plexus Points - Each month, you can earn Plexus Points for every qualified Ambassador up to 7 levels throughout your organization. The more Plexus Points you earn, the higher your paycheck. This column tells you how many points are required to reach each rank. Points become required for advancement starting at Silver.

For All Qualified Ambassadors in your organization, here are the Plexus Points that you can earn:

Levels 1–3 = 5 Plexus Points

Level 4 = 4 Plexus Points

Level 5 = 3 Plexus Points

Level 6 = 2 Plexus Points

Level 7 = 1 Plexus Point

Points Outside Your Primary Leg - This column shows how many points out of your total points are required from more than one leg of your team.


One Time Achievement Bonus - Starting when you achieve a ranking of Silver, you will be rewarded with a one time achievement bonus. These bonuses are paid out for ranks as follows:

Silver Ambassador $100

Gold Ambassador $250

Senior Gold Ambassador $350

Ruby Ambassador $500

Senior Ruby Ambassador $750

Fast Start Bonuses are available for achieving these levels quickly. See the full compensation plan for details.

Pay Levels - This column indicates which levels of the compensation chart you qualify to be paid for each ranking.

Emerald/Sapphire/Diamond Pools - Once you reach the ranks of Emerald, Sapphire, and Diamond, you no longer receive an achievement bonus, but rather, you will be paid out of a special pool for each level. Emerald ambassadors receive additional compensation from the Emerald Pool. Sapphire ambassadors receive additional compensation from both the Emerald AND Sapphire Pools. Diamond Ambassadors receive additional compensation from the Emerald, Sapphire AND Diamond Pools.

Preferred Customer Bonus

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For each product or combo above that is purchased by one of your Preferred Customers, you will be paid a bonus of the amount shown.

Business Building Bonuses

Half the cost of a Welcome Pack is paid to Ambassadors. Of the half portion, 50% goes to the sponsor; 25%, 15% and 10% to the next three qualifed Ambassadors upline, respectively.

Retail Rewards Commission

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As an Ambassador, you will have your own Plexus replicated website and be able to purchase products at wholesale. You will be able to offer your retail customers two options:

1 - Purchase directly from you out of stock on hand, or

2 - Purchase on-line through your Plexus website via credit card.

All product purchases made online via your ID# create Personal Volume (PV). As your monthly Personal Volume builds, so do the percentages of your retail sales commissions.

When you go over $500 in Personal Volume, your 25% percentage earned rolls back to all Personal Volume over $100!

Retail Override Commissions

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If you sponsor an Ambassador that earns Retail Rewards Commissions, you will receive an Over-ride Commission as well as Plexus Points. That over-ride commission will be 5% of the qualifying retail sales over $100.

For clarification, if you sponsored that Ambassador who purchased $2,500 worth of product in one month, you would earn 5 Plexus Points for that Ambassador but, you would also earn an Over-ride Commission to 5% of the Personal Volume over $100 or 5% of $2,400 = $120.00. This amount would be added to your monthly check.