National Nutrition Month

March 2023

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Nutrition on a Budget

Between busy schedules and soaring grocery prices, eating nutritiously can be a daunting endeavor. However, there are still ways that we can consume healthy (and delicious) meals while maintaining a reasonable grocery budget. If there is anything worth the time and energy to plan, it is what we are putting into our bodies to fuel our busy lives. In this edition of Positive Pulse, you will find ways to focus on nutrient-dense foods without breaking the bank!

Nutrient Dense Foods

If you are looking to get the most nutritious foods at a lower cost, there are plenty of options for you to try. Choosing nutrient-dense foods not only provides you with sufficient vitamins and minerals for optimal health, but it allows you to feel full for longer by giving your body the energy it needs. Bananas, quinoa, Greek yogurt, spinach, and broccoli are a few examples of inexpensive nutrient-dense foods.

Buy in Bulk

One way to get more for your money at the grocery store is to buy in bulk. Either shopping at a "warehouse club" like BJ's Wholesale, Costco or Sam's Club or simply going to your local grocery store, finding what is on sale and stocking up on those items, when you buy in bulk you are typically receiving a discount.

So you have a bulk amount of one item, now what?

  • Try to find multiple recipes that use that ingredient
  • Cook that food the way you enjoy eating it the most and portion it out for the week
  • Cook one large batch of a recipe and freeze the leftovers

Here are some of the most versatile food items to buy in bulk:

Sweet potatoes, onions, carrots, oatmeal, chicken breast, dried beans, and nuts

Opt for Frozen or Canned

Some people struggle with buying certain produce items because they can go bad more quickly. Buying frozen or canned fruits & vegetables is not only more cost friendly, but they last much longer and are still more nutritious than any processed food.

Try using these frozen items: Spinach, broccoli & berries

Try using these canned items*: Beans, green beans, corn & peas

*When purchasing canned items, look for "low sodium" options!

In Season Produce

Another way to stretch your dollar on nutritious food is to buy fruits & vegetables that are in season. Whether that means stopping at a roadside stand or seeking out in-season items at your local grocery store, produce is usually cheaper during its season of harvest.

Click here to view a Seasonal Produce Guide created by SNAP-Ed Connection

5 Easy & Healthy Meal Prep Recipes
Navigating Supplemental Food Resources

If you are struggling to afford enough food to keep yourself or your family healthy, there are several options to help. The federal government offers food assistance programs for citizens whose income meets certain guidelines.

Community Highlight

Mt. Morris is Dishing out Compliments

Wellness Champion, Sarah Miller, recently shared how the compliment activity has impacted many at Mt. Morris Central School District, including students. One way to become more fluent in kindness, grace, and decorum, is to practice gratitude. The research has shown that practicing gratitude is a great way to summon our innate good-natured qualities, and the more we practice, the more natural those behaviors and mannerisms become.

Click HERE for a free and printable Compliment Sheet!

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The Lift Project

The Lift Project is available to you, your family members, and friends at NO COST through June 30th, 2023.

This 10-lesson well-being adventure features short (15 minutes), fun, and engaging lessons that provide the tools needed to live a flourishing life. Participate in this world-class program to learn the simple thing you can do to lift your mental, physical, and emotional health. You won't regret it.

For more information on how to access The Lift Project, please contact your HR Department, or Wellness Champion or contact Dan Justis ( at Smola Consulting!

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