Roald Dahl

By Pat Deely

Early life

Roald Dahl was born to Norwegian parents on september 13th, 1916. He spent most of her early life in Landaff. His dad and sister died when she was very young. Roald started school that same year at the local Llandaff Cathedral School then went to St. Peters, weston-SuperMare.

Early Jobs

Earrly on after school Roald started working for shell oil, he got moved to Dar-es-Salaam to work. He ends up joining the Royal AIr Force (RAF) fro world war two. He was posted in Libya where he was involved in a plane crash and was sent to america.

First Writing and Love Life

He completed first ever paid writing in August 1942, and published his first ever short story in 1946. He married his wife Patricia Neal on July 2nd, 1953 in New York. Has his first daughter Olivia in 1955 and second one in 1957. Some of his short stories start to appear on Alfred Hitcholck presents.

Later Life

The 60's saw some of his most famous writings but one of the hardest time periods for him. He published James and the Giant Peach and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. His son and daughter ophelia are born. His daughter Olivia dies, Patricia has 2 stokes in LA and Roald's mother died. The fantastic Mr. Fox was released, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory becomes a movie and The Great Glass Elivator is released.


Roald Dahl died on november 23rd 1990 at 74. A charity was named after him soon after.