Camp Road Cougar News

August 14, 2022

Principal's Greeting

Hello Camp Road Families!

We hope that you have all had a fantastic and relaxing summer break! We here at Camp Road are looking forward to the start of the 2022-2023 School Year. There is a lot of information in this newsletter, so please read it carefully.

A few thoughts:

  1. Fact and Fee Day is Monday, August 15 from 9am-4pm. Teachers will be available by grade level. For more information about Fact and Fee Day, the purpose and use of the student fees, as well as information about how to pay fees, you can view the invite here:
  2. The first day of school is Wednesday, August 17. Students can arrive on Campus at 7:45.
  3. We will have new arrival procedures for students this year. From 7:45-8:05 when students arrive on campus, they will have an opportunity to eat breakfast. Once they have eaten breakfast or if they do not want to eat breakfast, students will wait in the following areas for their homeroom teacher to pick them up at 8:05: 6th grade students will wait on the far side of the cafeteria, 7th grade students will sit in the bleachers on one side of the gym, while 8th grade students sit in the bleachers on their other side of the gym. Please inform your child about this new procedure for the first day of school. Students that arrive after 8:05 will have an opportunity to eat breakfast and report directly to homeroom. Once students are in their homeroom, they will remain there until transition to first period.
  4. Mass communication from the school, emails, phone calls, and text messages, will be sent out through a system called Blackboard this year. This system pulls parent contact information directly from PowerSchool. If you are not receiving information, please update your contact information in your parent portal. If you want to receive text messages, you must have a cell number listed, not just a home number.

Jaclyn Rowehl


Grade Level Administrators and Guidance Counselors

6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade

Click Here For Bus Stop Information

Use this link to locate your bus child's bus stop

News from the Data Clerk

All students need to be registered before the first day of school. Please remember that you must register your student via your parent portal account. Complete the enrollment forms and attach one document to verify residency. This can be one of the following: a tax bill or lease agreement or a utility bill (anything except a cell phone bill) If you do not attach a residency document, the enrollment is not complete.

If you need assistance with registration, you can view these helpful videos.

English Registration Video:

Spanish Registration Video:

News from the School Nurse

Vaccination Clinic to be held at CRMS on Fact and Fee Day Aug 15th, Time 10 AM until 1 PM. Vaccinations available for any CCSD student, including elementary aged students. (excluding Charter schools)

News from the Media Specialist

Students should NOT bring their Chromebook chargers to school. Please charge devices at home each evening. Chargers tend to disappear at school, and we have no way to track them. Students will be responsible for the cost of replacing lost chargers, so please don’t let your student bring the charger to school!

News from PTO

Welcome back Camp Road Cougars! We hope everyone enjoyed their summer and are ready for a great school year!

We want to start the year off right and thank our teachers for all the hard work they have already done preparing their classrooms and the work they will do throughout the year! If you are able, please help us stock their workrooms with treats and beverages they can easily grab!

Please be sure all donations are individually wrapped and shelf stable. Please bring it with you on Fact & Fee Day (August 15). You can drop off at the PTO table. Please click on link to signup. Thank you so much for all of your help!

Frequently Asked Questions about Camp Road

What are the school hours?

The school hours are 8:30am-3:30pm. If students arrive after 8:30, they are tardy and must report to the main office with a parent. Parents are discouraged from signing their children out of school after 3:00 because of the heavy car line traffic and general end of the day activities. When students enter the building in the morning, they will have an opportunity to have breakfast in the cafeteria and then go to their grade level waiting area until 8:05. Students who arrive after 8:05 will have an opportunity to eat breakfast or go directly to homeroom.

What about bus riders and car riders?

Buses load and unload on the back right side of the building near the cafeteria. Car riders load and unload on the left side of the building at the fine arts hallway door. Bike riders and walkers also enter through this hallway door in the morning. Car riders may be dropped off in the morning beginning at 7:45am. After 8:30am, parents will need to park and escort their child into the front office to sign in.

What is the dismissal process?

At 3:26pm, walkers and bike riders will be dismissed to the crosswalk in front of the school. At 3:29pm bus riders are dismissed. At 3:30pm, car riders are dismissed to the gym until their name is called. Parents are discouraged from parking in the Walgreens' parking lot to wait on their child because there is no safe path for students to use to get to the parking lot.

What will my child's schedule be like?

There are four academic classes - ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies (60 minutes each), two related arts periods (45 minutes each), and one flex/lunch/recess period (72 minutes). Students change classes each period and have a different teacher each period. Students will be with their homeroom teacher for their flex/lunch/recess period.

What is related arts time?

6th Grade - If students are enrolled in band, strings, or chorus they will meet each day all year long in either the morning or afternoon related arts time. During the other related arts period, they will be scheduled for PE/Health for a semster and the following classes for a nine-weeks: art, French exploratory, Spanish exploratory, pre-engineering (Design & Modeling), and a computer literacy. All non-fine arts students will also be scheduled for PE/Health for a semester and rotate through all the classes above each nine weeks. Students are allowed to sign up for two fine arts yearly classes as their two related arts classes.

7th/8th Grade - If students are enrolled in band, strings, or chorus they will meet each day all year long in either the morning or afternoon related arts time. During the other related arts period, they will be scheduled in PE/Health for a semester and on of the following classes for a semester: Art, French, Spanish, Engineering, Marine Science, Financial Literacy, Digital Literacy, Fundamental of Computing, or TV Production. Non-fine arts students will be scheduled for four of the semester classes listed above. Students are allowed to sign up for two fine arts yearly classes as their two related arts classes, but they must be recommended.

What is the difference between honors and non-honors classes?

For honors recommendations students must earn a specific point value on the CCSD Middle School Placement Form. The criteria includes: spirng MAP RIT score, most recent SC Ready/PASS score, end of the year average, gifted and talented status, and teacher recommendations (only for 7th and 8th graders)

What about Honor Roll?

There are two levels of Honor Roll for each nine weeks: Principal's Honor Roll for students with a 90 or higher in all classes (including related arts) and A/B Honor Roll for students with all As and Bs in all classes.

What are lunches like?

Students have the option of bringing their lunch or purchasing their lunch from two full-service lunch lines that will include the traditional hot lunch menu and a salad bar.

Are lunches free?

No, this year lunch is not free for all students. If you believe your child qualifies for free or reduced price lunches you will need to apply online.

What sports are available for my child?

JICHS B-Team football for 7th and 8th graders; Trident Area League basketball; middle school co-ed tennis league; middle school girls volleball; middle school co-ed golf; middle school co-ed soccer; middle school girls softball and boys baseball. Students may also participate in some sports at the high school level beginning in their seventh grade year (swimming, track and field, cross country, soccer, softball, and baseball)

What else can my child become involved in?

- Career exploration activities under the direction of our career counselor, Mrs. Ciucci

- Yearbook

- James Island Players production of a fall and spring musical

- After school clubs which include: art club, robotics club, outdoor club, and other clubs as the school continues to determine student interest.

Upcoming Events


August 15th – Fact and Fee Day and Teacher Meet and Greet

August 17th – First Day of School


September 8th – Open House