Futuristic Tech Gadgets

lauren hopkins

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Eco Cleaner

  • Description - Without using regular dish detergents, the Eco Cleaner makes the converting the food into reusable compost for plants.
  • Purpose- Not to have any more waste and give it to the plants as soil
  • Home use
  • Advantages are that once you put the dirty dishes in the Eco cleaner takes the extra food and makes it into soil for the plants.
  • This product will be used in the future

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Orbit Washing Machine

  • Description- Inside the drum, dry ice is fired at high pressure into the clothes, sublimating on impact to produce minimal damage to the fabric.
  • Purpose- improvement of washing and use dry ice instead of water
  • Home use
  • Disadvantage the dry ice might ruin some types of fabrics and if you have a cat they will mess with it and would have a big mess on the floor
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Senzo Nightlight

· Descriptions- Fingertips skimming the walls till you reach the door, that’s the inspiration behind this design. So as you walk past touching the tube, a soft lighting follows you.

· Purpose- It’s really annoying during the night when you wake up and not find the light switch. The solution is provided by Soledad Clavell and Marcos Madia who created this wonderful nightlight that lights up the room when touching it.

· Home use

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Bag Re-sealer

  • Description- The bag re-sealer creates an airtight seal to lock freshness in any plastic bag, including original packaging. It's the best way to take care of leftovers and it's easy to use.
  • Purpose- the purpose is when you have extra food in the bag and don’t roll it up all the way your food may become stale so you would use the bag re-sealer.
  • Price- 25.99 you can buy on amazon, Walmart, BedBath and Beyond

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Smart Fingers

  • Description- The device sports 2 buttons that help display the measurements in different units, record and store the measurement, calculate volume and area plus view the information in text format
  • Purpose- To resolve this and bridge the gap between digital accuracy and human approximations is the Smart Finger. It is a device that caps your thumb and forefinger (or any 2 fingers) and uses the signals relayed between the two finger points to calculate the measurement.
  • Home use and business use
  • Will be used in the future

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Document Extractor

  • Description-The touch screen interface of the monitor allows you to select and crop the portion you wish to print. You can select a picture or precise text, as opposed to printing the whole page. The selected area will print from the back to the front bottom bezel of the computer.
  • Saving space on the desk has always been a problem for some and to solve this issue Byeong Min Choe has come up with a great idea of combining a printer and a monitor.
  • Office and Home use
  • Advantage- saves space at your work place

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Cover Blubber

· Description- super-stretchy food-savers offer a reusable, safe alternative to plastic wrap. Constructed from a sticky rubber that offers five times the flexibility of silicone, Cover Blubbers stretch over plates, serving dishes and glassware as well as directly over many foods—perfect for saving that second half of grapefruit.

· Purpose- reusable plastic wrap that lets you seals you fruit so it won’t go bad

· Disadvantage- not heat resistant or microwave safe

· Used now

· Amazon, uncommon goods

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· Description- the world’s first 3D pen with cool ink. In contrast to other 3D pens, there are no hot parts, no melting plastic and no unpleasant smell.

· Purpose- it uses ink instead of melting plastic so it is safe for children now

· Advantage- children can use this product without harming themselves

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