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A Veterinarian's Education And Job Description,

It takes generally 4 years to complete veterinary school. There are 29 collages with accredited programs in the United States. To be a veterinarian, you must complete a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree at an accredited of veterinary medicine. Admission to veterinary school is very competitive, less than half of the applications are accepted each year.

Veterinarians help improve an animals help. They help wild animals, pets, zoo animals, and a farmer's cattle. They don't just improve an animals health, they diagnoses an animals unknown sickness. Veterinarians save all animals lives!

A Veterinarian's Salary.

A veterinarian get paid somewhere between 51,530-144,100 dollars per year. Veterinarians usual work long hours. Some even work nights and weekends. Some might have to respond to an emergency call outside scheduled work hours.