Audism - and Why it's Harmful

Ashley Moore

Embracing Deaf Culture

Deaf people are able to do whatever they strive to.

They embrace themselves and others as being culturally deaf, and they have no limits.

They may or may not read lips, they may or may not be married to a deaf person, they may or may not speak, they may or may not have hearing aids.

Everyone who is Deaf is proud of their deafness and do not consider it to be a disability.

So... What is Audism?

Audism is saying that hearing people are superior to deaf people.

Someone will exhibit audism when they assume that deaf people cannot do what other people can do.

People exhibit audism when they try to "assimilate" them or try to make Deaf people more like hearing people.

You also exhibit audism when you are...

  • Asking them why don't they have hearing aids or cochlear implants.
  • Asking why they can't read lips.
  • Shouting at them, asking if you can hear them.
  • Saying that they cannot sign.
  • Denying them closed captions for videos and movies.
  • And many more cases have been experienced by Deaf people.

Deaf people should not have to be able to earn tolerance or acceptance.

Hearing people should become educated about the deaf community, and spread awareness about the treatment of deaf people in order to stop ignorance and intolerance.

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Nyle DiMarco

Recent winner of America's Next Top Model, demonstrates to his competitors that deaf people can excel at anything!


Ashley Moore


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