my triangle kite

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why i picked this kite

i picked this kite because me and my partner thought it would be easy and fun to make.

the materials

baboon sticks 2feet longclear tapemarkers/glittertrashbag/paperglueconstruction paper

triangle kite

me and my partner picked the triangle kite because we thought it was going to be fun to do.

blue print

i choose this kind of kite, because i thought i would be easy and fun to seemed like the perfect kind of kite to do.its going to be fun to do with my partner.


step1: get a trashbagstep2: cut it into the shape you want tostep3:get to baboon sticksstep4:make them into a crossstep5:tie a ribbon around the sticks so the sticks can staystep6: tape the sticks down to the paperstep7:get some string and tie it to the bridalstep8:get some ribbon and tape it to the end of the trash bagAND THATS HOW YOU MAKE A TRIANGLE KITE