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Beacon Light Kiddie University Early enrollment begins on March 1, 2016

Students Academic Activity Schedule

Language Development skills:

  • Letters and Sound: We are learning Letters sounds for the next several weeks of letters f,j,k,p,r,v and w. Students will write letters learned in phonics lower case.
  • Blends: Scholars will continue to master their beginning blend sounds. Students will be connecting letters, blends and words.
  • Reading skills: Student will continue to review sight words from the per-primer and primer list.
  • Emergent Readers: "Our Busy Day" Written and Illustrated by Jeremy Lee
  • Sight Words: We, go to, the,
  • Vocabulary words: park, post office, bank, library, pet store, market, everywhere

Handwriting and Fine Motor skills:

  • Penmanship is something that each child develops at Beacon Light. This term we are building on basic writing skills and adding cursive writing.

Math Development Skills:
  • Shapes recognition. Student are drawing their basic shapes.
  • Number recognition. Students will continue to build on their number writing skills.
  • Each child must be able to count from 1-120 by end of school year, and recognize each number in and out of order.
  • Number Regrouping: Student are working now on several math skills such as; less than/ more than skills, size difference, patterns ,and sequence. Beginning addition practice.
  • Telling Time: Student will learn how to tell time on a digital and analog clock. Worksheets are done to enhance this practice.
  • Money: Counting coins; pennies, nickles,dimes and quarters.
  • Color recognition : primary and secondary colors. Students will review colors throughout the school year. Each student should be able to recognize their color names and be able to write and spell them
  • Visual perception, Opposites, Or Classifying worksheets will be on Mondays and Wednesdays
Christian Studies:
  • Books of the Bible and Scripture for the week: Every morning the children go over there books of the Bible and scripture for the month.
  • Scripture: Daniel 6:16, "Then the king commanded, and they brought Daniel, and cast him into the den of lions. Now the king spake and said unto Daniel, Thy God whom thou serves continually, he will deliver thee"
  • Bible story: Daniel and the Loin Den
  • Black History week: Booker T. Washington


Dear Parents:
This week the scholars will begin their second group of workbooks. Brain Quest will be one of the books. Beginning math addition will begin in February. Student's will begin their reading program on January 11, 2016. We start our Word Wall next week. Parents students must know their full name, address and phone numbers by Spring Break.

Parents remember to post to our Face Book page at beacon light kiddie university.

About Beacon Light's Leader

Beacon Light Kiddie is a Registered family home with a private school environment. Mrs Johnson has a degree in Early Childhood Education. She has been mentoring young scholars for the pass 15 years, and her goal is to make sure every child that comes across her door get a running start in their academical, social, and physical development. Beacon Light is Training Leader for Tomorrow!