How to Guard Against Tyranny.

Step by step tool to guard against tyranny.

Step 1: The meaning of Tyranny.

If you want to guard against Tyranny you have to know what it means first. The word tyranny now a days means a "government that is usually ruled by a ruler like a king or a dictator" and the people don't have any rights or freedom.

Step 2: Understanding Federalism.

Federalism is a part of government that is shared by two or more entities that share a part of government. In a federal government the powers are divided into a national government and other governmental units. In the United States it mean that our power is divide by our federal government and our states and our local governments.

Step 3: The Seperation of Powers.

In the constitution, the principles limits the powers of three branches. The three branches are the Legislative ( Parliament or Senate ) Executive ( The President, vice President, and the Cabinet ) and Judicial ( Chief Justice and other Judges ). Each branch checks each other to make sure that the other two branches don't have too much power.

Step 4: Checks And Balances.

To avoid tyranny you don't want one branch to have too much power. Checks and balances will help you avoid tyranny. Each branch checks the other two branches to make sure they all have an equal amount of power. If one branch has too much power he can start becoming a tyrant.

Step 5: Big States v.s Small States

Back then when the constitution was being made the delegates all had to agree about the bigger states not bullying the smaller states. In the second branch, House of Representatives, they claimed the amount of representatives come from each state to speak for their state. The representatives explained that the state of New Hampshire shall be entitled to three, Massachusetts eight, Rhode Islands one, Conneticet five, New York six, New Jersey four, Pennsylvannia eight, Delware one, Maryland six, Virginia ten, North Carolina five, South Carilina five, and Georgia three. In the past you can see that the representatives counted not on the poplulation of the state but how large the state is. Make sure you don't care about the size but on population. This is why the legislative branch has two house so one house can applie the Virgina Plan and the New Jersy plan.
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