What age group does this benefit?

By: Chelsea Ort and Tasha Leffel

Point #1- The Hunger Project

-The money that comes from The Hunger Project gets goes to childrem worldwide between the ages of newborn to age 5.

-The mission statement is to end hunger and poverty.

Point #2-UNICEF

-The money that comes from UNICEF goes to children ages 17 and under.

-The mission statement is to advocate childrens rights and help meet their basic needs.

Point #3- ACF International

The money also goes to children 17 and under.

-The missions statement is to end world hunger.

Point #4- CARE

The money that this organization rolls in goes forth to females ages 18 and over.

-The mission statement is to fight global poverty.

Point #5- WFP

The money goes towards children in school between age 3-11.

-The mission statement is to meet emergency needs and support economic and social development.

Point #6- Bread For The World

The money that this goes towards are people from the ages of 15-24.

The mission statement is to end hunger at home and abroad.

Point #7-FAO

The money goes toward people between newborn to 25 but no higher than that.

The mission statement is to manage forests in a wise and enviromentally responsible manner.

Point #8- International Committee of Red Cross

The money goes to anyone in general to help them with world hunger.

The mission statement is to protect the lives and dignity of victims of war and internal violence and to provide them with assistance.