It is time to work in our passion!

During our faculty meeting I will be collecting some anecdotal data that will help the administrative team improve the culture of the school. I will be using the "Polleverywhere" data collection instrument. There are three ways to participate in this interactive faculty meeting and it includes using the webpage, texting, and by using Twitter, consider:
  1. Please save this page in your "favorites" PollEv.com/morganprincipal - just click, it is hyper-linked, and the questions will arrive on your webpage
  2. You can text your responses via cell phone to the number 1-747-444-3548, in the body of your message, for example, you would type, "630086" hit the space key, and then type your response, "Hey I am little darrell"
  3. Or you can use Twitter - Tweet @Prin_MCMS 628348
    and your message

1st Faculty Meeting!

Friday, July 25th, 8am

MCMS - Cafeteria

Staff, please make sure you bring "some form of technology" that has internet access, as this will be a very interactive faculty meeting.

What's our Mission?

The faculty and staff of the Morgan county Charter School System are committed to using effective instructional practices that are non-negotiable in every classroom. Our goal is that all student sin the MCCSS will be successful because they will achieve at their highest level.