Utilizing Tech in Writing Workshop

Featuring Bordeaux Martin

Devising a Plan

Bordeaux and I recently visited about ways in which his second graders could use their iPads in Writing Workshop. Together we thought that it would be fun and helpful for them to do some stage of planning for their Pourquoi folktales using the Book Creator app. Students had some familiarity with the app from first grade and would therefore be able to focus more on their stories and less on the tech.

The Process

Shortly after our discussion, I joined Bordeaux's class for Writing Workshop to review the app with the class. After reminding them some of the great functions of the app like illustrating, voice recording, and typing, Bordeaux then showed the students an example of how he planned his story within the app.

The students were directed to take the planning they had on paper (which at this point was a very rough outline with a beginning, three middle sections, and an ending) and put it into Book Creator, one section at a time. They dedicated one page to each section and had to add an illustration, some thoughts typed, and voice recordings with ideas or telling their story.

The Finished Product

The kids had a great time with this. They got really creative and did a fantastic job of planning their stories. The voice recording function was very powerful for those students whose thoughts came faster than they could write/type. They were able to get all of their ideas documented in some way in order to organize them. When they started the writing process, they were able to take out their iPads and use their pictures, text, and recordings to get started. The use of technology in the planning process really helped them in organizing their thoughts and getting their writing started! Way to go, second graders!

(See Bridget's example below.)