Bull Riding

Is it really worth the risk?


"The risks are obvious. Serious injury is always a possibility for those fearless enough to sit astride an animal that literally weighs a ton." (http://kingmanrodeo.org/bull-riding)

"They have to be able to get to their feet and run for protection as fast as they can." (http://www.atlxtv.com/2013/07/19/the-dangers-and-training-of-bull-riders/)

Also another potential risk is just the task of riding and unpredictable animal that is equipped with deadly horns.

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"Bull riding is dangerous and predictably exciting, demanding intense physical prowess, supreme mental toughness and courage." (http://kingmanrodeo.org/bull-riding)

in addition to the exiting feeling you get when bull riding there is also many ways to profit from the task.

"The winners are rewarded cash prizes, Riders may also obtain winning awards such as horse trailers, hand-tooled saddles and even motor vehicles." (http://cowboylifestylenetwork.com/in-the-arena/rodeo/bull-riding/)

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Is it worth it?

Although there are many risk when bull riding such as injury I would still love to try it. “Trust your heart if the seas catch fire, live by love though the stars walk backward.” said E.E. Cummings. This means to me that you should live your life taking chances and not just keeping it simple. I feel that although injury is at high chance I think the feeling and rush of being on the back of an animal that you have no control over would give anybody the feeling of freedom and the experience of a lifetime. considering all of the risk and rewards I have came to a conclusion that if I had the chance I would go bull riding because you only live once and you need to live life on the edge, and take chances.


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