Top 10 Interesting Facts

Mark Twain

10. First Luxury Cruise

Mark Twain was a passenger on the first luxury cruise to Europe.

9. Blindness

Mark Twain suffered from color blindness.

8. Cats

Mark Twain liked cats and always kept at least two cats with him.

7. Samuel Clemens

Mark Twain is just his pen name, his real name is Samuel Clemens.

6. Fingerprints

Mark Twain was the first person to use fingerprinting as evidence to solve a crime in one of his books "Life on the Mississippi".

5. little Sam and school

Mark Twain didn't graduate from Elementary School.

4. Civil War

Mark Twain was in the confederate army for approximately 2 weeks before leaving to Nevada.

3. Violent Youth

Mark Twain saw a lot of violent death in his youth. When he was 9 he saw a man murder cattle rancher and when he was 10 he watched a slave die after getting hit in the head with an iron.

2. Ghost Stories

Mark Twain was working on ghost stories prior to his death. They were never published because he wanted all of his work to be burned.

1. Halley's Comet

Halley’s Comet was visible in the sky both at Mark Twain's birth and death.


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