Meir Ezra - Honest way to get rich

Meir Ezra - Honest way to get rich

The type of exchange you use determines your financial success. Nothing else you do has a greater impact on your income.

1. First consider a group which takes in money but does not deliver anything in exchange. This is called rip-off.

2. Second is the condition of partial exchange. The group takes in orders or money for goods and then delivers part of it or a corrupted version of what was ordered.

This first exchange condition is basically theft. The second exchange condition is cheating.

3. The third condition is the exchange known, legally and in business practice, as fair exchange. One takes in orders and money and delivers exactly what has been ordered.

Most successful companies and individuals use this principle.

4. The fourth condition of exchange is not common but could be called exchange in abundance. Here one does not give two for one or free service but gives something more valuable than money was received for. This fourth principle above is almost unknown in business or the arts. Yet it is the key to howling success and expansion.

Individuals and businesses who use this fourth method of exchange flourish when others are in trouble.

Employees who give more than expected receive promotions, raises, bonuses and extra benefits. Job security is excellent as they are valuable to the company.

Businesses that exchange in abundance get more referrals than anyone. Investors are anxious to buy its stock. Customer loyalty is guaranteed.

At first, giving more than expected seems unfair. You give extra effort without recognition. You add value to your work or products without anyone noticing.