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Welcome to the Social Studies Newsletter. Each issue will contain a variety of information from reading test reports to connecting with the content to highlighting student work. We hope you find this tool easy to use and informative. If there is something you would like to see us add...please let us know.

End of Course Tests - US History (11th) and Economics (12th)

Both United States History and Economics have an End of Course Test (EOCT). These are state created tests that take the place of a final exam. For ECON Performance Descriptors click here.

Reading EOCT Score Reports (or other Assessment Reports)

Our goal is to have department-created and department-specific video how-to guides to show parents (and students) how to read and interpret what the EOCT scores actually mean. This can be done using Jing or Screencast. When searching for this help...the video below is the closest match...and you can see the student frustration! There is a definite need in communicating this information to parents in a way that parents can easily understand.
My reaction when I seen my score on the EOC testing

United States History - The Civil Rights Movement

Please take a moment to view the images and listen to the audio provided below. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a driving force in the Civil rights Movement and we have been discussing a variety of ways the Civil Rights Movement was "fought" (remember...the Civil Rights movement was largely a civil disobedience movement and non-violent.)

Dinner Discussion: What Civil Rights Era people, images, etc. do you remember most? Why do these stand out to you so much?
Blowing In The Wind (Live On TV, March 1963)
Martin Luther King - I Have A Dream Speech - August 28, 1963


  • EOCT Retesting - 2/10-2/25
  • Financial Aid Night - 2/24
  • GHSGT Writing - 2/27