Walt Disney's National Holiday

By Elysia G


I think Walt Disney should have a National Holiday on March 19.He should have a Holiday because he made a funny and awesome channel.Its called Disney. Walt Disney also made a awesome place called Disney Land.

Fun Facts

When Walt Disney was younger he had to move a lot. Walt Disney worked as a Paper boy for a long time. Walt Disney married the girl who worked with him. Walt Disney lived in a house with 7 kids, and when family came to stay him and his brother had to sleep in the shed.

How Did Walt Disney Think of Disney?

Walt Disney thought of Disney by thinking of cartoon characters and drawings of them and then turning them to life.

How Did Walt Disney Think of Mickey Mouse?

Walt Disney thought of mickey mouse by thinking of a cartoon character that had to be a mouse. He was thinking and thinking and thinking then he finally thought of mickey mouse.

Why Did Walt Disney Make Disney?

Walt Disney made Disney because he wanted to see a lot of kids smile and he needed a new job. He needed a new job because he did not want to be a paper boy any more.

Why Should Walt Disney Have a National Holiday?

Walt Disney should have a National Holiday because without him there would'int be a Cinderella,snow white,or mickey mouse.And just those gave kids a big smile and laugh.

How Did Walt Disney Change the World?

Walt Disney changed the world by making Disney,Disney land and by putting smiles on peoples faces.

Would it Make a Difference if Walt Disney Did have a National Holiday?

It would not make a big difference. but I think it could be fun and cool to have a National Holiday for Walt Disney.

Could Walt Disney Have a National Holiday?

I think Walt Disney could have a National Holiday because he made almost one of the best things ever.

How Did Walt Disney come up With Disney?

Walt Disney came up with Disney by making a whole bunch of cartoon characters and made a lot of shows and thought of every thing together, and called it Disney.

How Did Walt Disney Come up With the name Disney?

Walt Disney kind of did not come up with the name Disney.He wanted him self to be remembered by some way so he called it Disney his last name.


I hope this convinced you to have a National Holiday for Walt Disney. I chose the date March 19 because 19 is my favorite number March is the month of Spring.