Level 3 IT - My Experience

By Jordan Rogers

Great step into further education!

If you want to pursue a career involving computing and IT or you just want to learn more about computers, then this is the course for you. There are a range of units in which you will take and you will learn a range of skills which will help you in the future whether if you choose to take a university level course at the college, go to University or go straight into a job.

Make new friends!

Taking this course at Swindon College is also a great way to meet new friends. You can meet people who also love computers or just have other things in common. You can have a laugh but you also get your work done and handed in on time.

Helpful Teachers!

Overall the teachers in the IT department at the college are good and they will help you any way they can if you are stuck. If you have any problem regarding work or not then they are approachable and will listen.

In conclusion...

I think this is a great course which will help you now and in the future. The teachers are helpful and approachable, you can make new friends and the qualifications you achieve from this course will certainly help you after should you choose to go to University, take a University-level course at the college or if you go straight into employment.
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