poetry project

By Shane White

I wish

I wish I had 3 billion bucks.

I wish I had a cinedrone.

I wish I had a lawsuit against Disney

I wish I had a red Volvo,1966.

I wish I had a Shibe inu.

I wish I had a Visa credit card.

I wish I had scholarships to tons of colleges.

I wish I had a magic wand

to make all my wishes

come true.

Ballad (A man and his toilet)

This man, he's lonely.

His toilet, its clean.

This man, he's mean.

His house, its lonely.

Time to poop.

The toilet's moo.

The man shrieks.

He's such a freak.

The toilet breaks.

The man is in love.

The toilet's ring falls.

The man's wife is lonely.

I'm freee!

Boom! shriek!

The bathroom reeks.

That jerk, he's a demon.

Vampires, the're like old foto film.

Those demons, they underestimate us.

Someone call an exorcist.